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We started our Tubz business last year after visiting the new headquarters in Sittingbourne. Paul, our New Business Manager showed us around the very impressive facilities including the Tubz sweetie production line, dispatch, Sales and and new product development.

We were so impressed, that we immediately decided to invest in a bundle of Tubz Towers.

Everything we needed to start our business, arrived at our house within 24 hours. The Tubz towers are extremely well made. Most importantly though the Tubz sweets are of very high quality, they taste great!

Our Tubz towers were sited very efficiently by our business manager and the Telesales Team. Any questions we had were dealt with immediately by our business manager, giving us the confidence we needed to get the business up and running.

We have established good relationships with our customers, with Towers in Hair Salons, Care Homes, Department Stores and Family Pubs. We try to pick the best mix of Tubz sweets to meet their requirements. We found the business exciting and rewarding especially when a percentage of the sales goes to worthwhile Charities.

Although we have been in business less than 12 months, our sales are higher than we expected, luckily re-ordering stock is very straightforward.

With Tubz there is no monthly fee or ongoing costs, Tubz provide extensive training and ongoing support. This is a real bonus to rookies like us.

Peter and Caroline - Buckinghamshire

We’re Debbie and Peter Evans, based in South Lincolnshire. We first looked at a Tubz franchise about three years ago, but for various reasons decided not to go ahead at the time.

However, situations change and we decided to visit Tubz premises for a second time and deciding to jump in this time. A low cost start up and no recurring fees – you can’t get better than that!

We started small with just ten towers, sites for which were found very quickly, given that the sales team were working around our schedule. These were all up and running by the end of September and early indications are very promising.

We love everything about our business: the eye-catching towers, the quality and range of products to put in them, the simple system to make it work and being out on the road. Everyone at Tubz HQ is great too, nothing is too much trouble and there’s always a friendly voice at the end of the line whether you’re placing an order or need some advice. Expansion is definitely on the cards for us!

Debbie & Peter Evans

We were looking to invest in a business that we could run from home with flexible hours to suit us but at the same time be able to expand the business over time with minimum effort. We searched the internet for a franchise opportunity and Tubz very quickly became the obvious choice for us. After our initial contact with Tubz we soon set up a visit to their headquarters in Sittingbourne, the meeting with Paul was beneficial and the answers to our questions were very positive and left us with no doubt that a Tubz franchise was for us .With low cost start up and no monthly management fees we decided to give it a go.

In April we placed an order for 25 units and the sites soon started to come through. We have a wide variety of sites including pubs, social clubs, leisure centres, shopping malls, children’s play centres, civic centres etc. A couple of sites were not producing the level of sales needed and these have now been re-sited elsewhere. The key is to monitor sales of each product and swop out a line of sweets that don’t sell well in a particular site. We will soon be ready to order our next batch of towers and are looking forward to expanding our sales. If you are looking for the chance to have your own business with flexible hours to suit then Tubz could be the right choice for you.

Lesley & John Johnstone

We had been wanting to own our own business for sometime when we found Tubz. It looked very minimal for time and can be run from home so we contacted Tubz and set up a visit to head office/the manufacturing factory. We met Paul Somerset.  He answered every question we threw at him and he didn’t put us under any pressure. We decided to buy a 10 tower bundle. We are aiming to get Jo to be able to leave her full time job (working sometimes to 2am or other days working from 4am) to be able to spend more time together, and her to be able to be at home full time with our 3 young children.  Paul Somerset is our business manager, he is on the phone or e-mail as soon as we need him and nothing is too much trouble. Ordering is so easy we live 5 mins away from Tubz  so we can collect at any time. If I need anything I can order it and collect within the hour. So fantastic service from all at Tubz.

Our oldest son Logan loves putting his Tubz work t-shirt on to go to work with dad to re-stock machines he has his own little basket to help. This franchise can definitely be a family run business for any age. Thank you for showing us this opportunity Tubz, you have a great team.

Jo and Rob Warner

Hello Just a few words from regarding my experience so far with the Tubz Brand

Im Nigel Pearce, from North Shropshire, about 16 months ago after 18 years in the food retail sector I was faced with redundancy, so I decided it was time for a change in my life and so after some long hard searching over different ideas/business models I phoned Tubz to discuss its operation.

From the first phone call I felt at ease there was no pressure to commit and every question I had was answered with professional commitment. After talking to other existing operators I started out with a 25 confectionary tower bundle at the end of Nov 2012, within days the stock arrived and the sites started coming through, daily phone calls from Tubz to sense check how my day had gone and once again any issues were dealt with although I must say they were few.
I really enjoy lifestyle now and working alongside Tubz Team, in Jan 2013 I invested in a further 50 Units to build my business up, once again it was effortless everything arrived on time the units were all sited and installed within weeks and I knew I had made the right choice by joining the Tubz Brand.

My sites have become family now with great communication between all and I have a lifestyle that suits me working when I want.

To top it all I really enjoy the fact that with it all I am helping out with charity fund raising which is a great result for all involved.

So what next for me the intention is to continue to drive my existing sites sales with the new products that keep coming along from Tubz and I am confident enough to say I will look at further investment in more towers next year.

Nigel Pearce

I had actually been involved in vending machines since 1996. Circumstances had changed and I had to reduce what I did.  However in March 2016  I decided to get back in the game. I had seen the advertisements for Tubz so I gave them a call.

I went down and met Jonathan. He showed me around and explained what products were available.  I went away to make consider the options and rang back a few days later.

I initially started with 50 machines.  I then added more and in fact have bought some rounds off others.

It can be very rewarding. Not just financial but it gets you out and about. Plus you meet some interesting people. I have places that I end up having a little chat.

My advice is don’t expect to be up and running with every site will being a goldmine. Firstly it takes time for people to notice your machine is there. Change your product lines if you have slow movement. It is not always that the product is no good full stop. People in different areas like different products.  I went for sweets and Pringles straight away. Why go for one machine if you can have 2?. I currently have one site with 5 machines in it.

Final piece of advise. If a site is consistently not working take the machine out. Firstly you don’t visit so often and then in the long run it costs you money with wasted stock.

Tubz are a very professional company to work with. And that is the key work with them. It is mutually beneficial.

Good luck if you choose to take up the venture!

Keith Harrison

In  2014 I took early retirement but very quickly wondered what would I do!  I did not fancy tending to the garden or washing the cars therefore, started looking at a ‘Mini Supermarket’.  This was going to involve a significant investment and working 24/7.  I spoke to several different accountants and they all suggested the same, leave well alone!

Then I stumbled on Tubz!  First impressions always count and I thought, this is a slick operation.  We spent a month looking at forums, reviews, talking to people and evaluated the cost.  It was certainly cheaper than a supermarket, provided a return and most importantly, gave us the freedom to travel far and wide.

We thought we would give it a try and invested with 25 machines plus stock.  We became hooked!  We kept ploughing all profits back into the business purchasing 25 machines plus associated stock and, kept the process going.  To-date we have over 400 machines and two vans.  The vans are essential if you have a large number of machines and want to go full time, as you need to have several machines available to expand or indeed, repair any unserviceable sites.

To suggest that this is an easy business would be wrong, you have to work at it, keep the customers happy therefore, you really need to have a positive attitude and a good sense of humour.  And most of all, have a supplier such as Tubz , who can provide you with everything you need at very short notice.  Paul Somerset at Tubz knows exactly how we operate and has, since we first started, provided first class support. He has an excellent manner, knows the vending industry inside out and can answer any query very quickly.  Good customer relations is King!  You need a supplier who can deliver what you require quickly and efficiently, we cannot fault Tubz, and foresee this relationship lasting a long time.

We operate large and small confectionary machines, savoury machines and large toy machines.  For the right person it is a very rewarding business!  We cannot overemphasise the need to have someone to talk to, or get advice from, Tubz have been operating a long time and consequently, have the knowledge to keep your business on track.  We would always endorse taking their advice no matter what level or stage you are at.

Paul Fitzgerald

Hi my name is Liam Hart. I am based in the central belt of Scotland and I have been building up my vending business with Tubz since the end of 2016. I started with 50 machines which Tubz helped me site and since then the business has grown steadily. I hope to have 130 machines installed by the end of year and I expect to take this up to 200+ machines by the end of the following year.

Like any new venture the products and support from the franchise head office must be good in order for it all to come together and work for you. Tubz and my account manager, Mark Williams, certainly meet this criteria. They have great products and Mark is always there to help with any questions I may have.

If you like being your own boss, out on the road, meeting a wide and diverse range of people then this is the best job I have come across. As Mark has said, the more effort you put in the better the rewards, this could not be more true. If you visit your machines regularly (some once a week, some once a fortnight depending on how quickly they empty), keep the towers clean and the labels fresh, have a smile and smart appearance then you will quickly build a profitable business.

This is a simple business model that requires only minor tweaking on a semi-regular basis. I am glad I got involved and I can see a profitable.

Liam Hart

I am a mother of three, wife and part time teacher. I found that full time teaching was taking me away from my family too much , so dropped my hours when I heard about Tubz Vending. I decided to make the long journey from Somerset to Kent to see what Tubz was all about.

I was very impressed with the Company. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful and I was shown around the headquarters and even given some samples to go home with!!

I was informed about everything I needed to know and they have always been on the end of the phone if I’m ever concerned about anything or needed  answers! My business account manager Mark Williams is always a great help, offering support and advice when needed.

I started my business a few years ago with just 10 machines. I wanted to start small so I could get a feel for the way it would run. In my package I was given my first 10 sites .

I was initially attracted to the low cost start up fee and no monthly costs to pay.

I have moved a couple  of my machines that weren’t really performing how I hoped they would and have found a few sites by word of mouth .

I now have 30 machines, so have built up very steadily over the 3 years.

I live in Somerset, near the sea, so I have one site that is very seasonal. Every March I take 5 machines to a local holiday resort and have to visit twice a week in the July and August to restock, right up until the October half term.  I also have some sites that tick over steadily all year round and others that sell better in the winter time , depending on where they are. My Rugby club does extremely well in the season, especially junior training and home games and my Equestrian Centres do well all year round.

If you’re looking for flexibility in your work hours, then I would highly recommend it!!

The final thought is the charity, it makes it all seem so worthwhile, raising money for Starlight Children’s Foundation

Sharena Dinham

We started our Tubz journey this year, having visited the branch before purchasing the franchise. We started with 25 machines and have increased them to up to 35, which we now run alongside our recently-opened sandwich shop and busy family life.

The Pringles machines are very popular in our area now, and the most important thing is to keep a close eye on which products are selling best in each site. If the site doesn’t work out, just find a new site and increase the sales. We are happy with the franchise and we are very happy with our manager Mark Williams, always helpful. I would recommend Tubz brands to everyone.

Shenel Ismail

We are a family of 3 generations building a tubz business.

It all started in March 2014 when I was looking for a second income. Being a single parent at the time it needed to be flexible and child friendly. I talked it over with my brother, who was also thinking about looking into finding a second income. We are all fulltime taxi drivers, and we liked the tubz business because we can build it in our spare time, alongside our existing jobs.

We bought a bundle of 10 towers in March 2014, to try out the franchise and ensure tubz was all it claimed to be.

The 10 machines were quickly installed in local sites. My dad then decided to come on board too. We have bought 3 bundles the last few years and we have 70 machines now. We’re looking to buy another bundle of 50 very soon.

We’re looking forward to a future where tubz will be our only source of income, while enjoying the challenge of building our business.

I started my Tubz vending franchise back in 2012 and can honestly say I have never looked back. This business has given me the freedom and flexibility to earn a good income and spend more time with my family.

Prior to 2012, I was miserable stuck in the 9-5 rat race and one day decided to explore options to set my own business up. After countless hours of research, I came across Tubz Brands and spoke to Paul Somerset who is still my account manager today. In these six years, Paul has helped me expand my business year on year by acquiring new sites to place the growing range of Tubz Towers.

Paul always keeps me up to date with the best selling lines to maximise my sales and he is great support when you need it. I would recommend a Tubz franchise to anyone wanted to set their own business up full time or part time, it is probably the most flexible business out there to run with the added benefit of very low start up costs.

Ross Trotter

I was looking for a change of direction after running my own electrical business for 25+ years. I searched on the internet for ideas and Tubz came out on top! The start-up costs were low and it seemed flexible. Right from my first enquiry I found Tubz to be helpful and supportive. I was invited to Head Office in Kent to see how everything worked. I was immediately made to feel welcome – and even picked up from the train station!

After a good look around, Paul Somerset, my Account Manager, went through everything with me. There was no pressure to sign up and part with my money there and then! I made the decision to start off with 10 machines to see if I was happy with everything – I now have 52 machines which suits my work life balance just right at the moment. Sales were not my thing but fortunately Tubz found all the sites for me as part of the package so this has not been a problem.

Paul has been there at the end of the phone whenever I have needed advice or support. Ordering stock is quick and easy and deliveries reliable and the whole setting up process was really easy and well managed. I’m hoping in future to expand this to be a family business. If you are looking for your own flexible business – large or small – I would recommend. Plus it raises money for Starlight Children’s Foundation which is a bonus!

David Rose

My experience of working with Tubz has highlighted what a professional company they are. From the support I was given in choosing the best bundle for my needs, through to the siting of the towers and the ordering of all stock, Tubz was on hand to provide guidance at every step. Coupled with a very knowledgeable Account Manager, I am confident that I can grow my business year on year and deliver a great return on my investment.
Will Hanrahan

My partner and I were looking for a small business in 2015 which would be both enjoyable and easily controlled to fit in with family circumstances. We hit on the idea of Tubz and decided to purchase a 25 tower bundle to see if it worked. We were not disappointed as Tubz sourced us some good sites fairly quickly.

Now over a year later we have close on one hundred towers with a mix of toy, sweet and Pringle machines in a variety of outlets ranging from pubs and social clubs to sports venues and child play centres & cafes some sourced by Tubz and some by ourselves.

We both believe if you put in the effort and determination this will work for you backed by the knowledge and sound advice from the company. Paul Somerset our accounts manager has always been on the end of the phone and given us the support that has put us where we are today.

Together we only work approximately sixteen hours per week and although we live in Torquay which plays host to a large number of holiday makers we actually have a lot of sites which perform better in winter than in summer.

Joining Tubz was one of the best decisions we made and having a large percentage of towers which contribute to the Starlight Charity makes it even more worthwhile.

Nick and Diane

After 30 years in the Air Force, retail, and Banking industries my wife and I decided we would like to try a complete change of direction in our career paths. We both liked the idea of working for ourselves so began researching franchises.

We found the start-up costs to be too prohibitive until we discovered Tubz towers. There is a low start-up cost and everything you need is included with no ongoing fees etc. what more could we ask for. We bought our first initial start-up of ten towers to test the waters and with Jonathan’s help we were soon up and running.

We are having fun whist helping to raise money for the Starlight Charity organisation and also making a modest living so much so we bought our second package of towers and now have a grand total of twenty .We have had a few little hiccups along the way which were seamlessly sorted out by Jonathan and are now happily looking forward to growing and nurturing our little fledgling business with the possibility of further expansion in the future. Thank you to Tubz for being so affordable and fun.

Gary and Kaye Woodward

I have now worked with Tubz for just over a year and in that time have increased my number of towers from 10 to 40.

One of the things I love is that I have built a good rapport with all of my customers…and have even gained a few extra sites through their recommendations and word of mouth.

I am currently working on a part time basis but am hoping to increase my number of towers to enable me to become full time by the end of the year.

The ongoing support from the Tubz team has been brilliant as always and I am looking forward to another successful year.

Lorraine Church

I originally started out with 25 units to test the waters. Within a month I had all the sites installed smoothly and immediately started to sell products. My husband and myself then decided to expand and invested in another 200 units. We are well on our way now to having the first 100 installed. By January 2016 we should see and next 100 units installed and then plan to expand further. The experience has been very smooth and uncomplicated. We both love being out on the road, managing and working to reasonable hours and not having to check my emails on the hour every hour. We recently visited head office, which I highly recommend and met the wonderful supportive team.

We now have a business plan in place for the next 10 years which will not only be profitable but enjoyable at the same time. The only negative is that I keep nibbling at the sweets.

Lesley Downs and Christopher Downs

Hello my name is Tim Beckley, I was at a cross roads in my life in January 2014, and after some considerable thought decided the time was right for me try my hand at something different, to work for myself. I looked on the internet for ideas and came across Tubz and after looking and reading about them, I took a deep breath and called. Right from the start they were very helpful and Kris Whiteley invited me to visit them at their premises in Sittingbourne which I did and found it to be very well organised. I then ordered my first 25 towers and true to their word they got everything set up running for me very quickly.

I have been with Tubz just over a year now and find them very helpful, they are always there with good back up and support. The ordering of new stock is never a problem and all stock is always available, Kris has never let me down. I have added more towers since I first started and hope to add more soon.

The sites can vary, but you can take the ones out that don’t do so well and re-site them yourself, there is still a market out there for cold calling, and that’s what I do to help boost sales ,along with changing stock round and trying new products.

Tubz is a great product and it works, and having Starlight children foundation the nominated charity running alongside it’s a great way to raise money for a very worthy cause.

Tim Beckley

I started my Tubz franchise in early 2014 with a 50 Tower package and have built up consistently over the months to 200+ today. I love my business and have a great relationship with my customer base, it’s also worth mentioning I also feel I have a really good working relationship with Tubz and Jon Bailey in particular who over the months has become a friend/advisor/confidant and I thank him for his listening as I constantly bounce ideas of him.

Having read other testimonials I thought I would make this a little different and put down some do’s and don’ts which I have followed and have in turn contributed to turnover in excess of £100K in year 2.


Visit your customer regularly. Nothing will generate more leads and surprises are kept to a minimum.

Make sure your customers have your contact details. If for any reason a Tower fails or is suddenly emptied (happy days) you want to know ASAP and get it fixed.

Keep towers clean and well labelled. Dirty and unkempt towers will not sell product.

Keep good records. A simple spreadsheet will do but this is an invaluable source of business information, you will not grow the business if you do not know where each products are working.

Keep Selling. Over 70 percent of my customers have more than one Tower and its common sense but parking in one place and emptying 2/3/4/5/6 towers is always going to be more valuable than emptying 1, sound common sense but really vital.

Keep evolving. Last year customer commissions were cash in brown envelopes today we have customer Bank details and customer commissions take around 1 hour at month end.

Think out the box. Some of my most profitable sites may not be the most obvious and over the months I have tried, Prison visiting rooms, Tyre and Exhaust centres, Care homes, Stables and equestrian centres to name a few. Some haven’t worked but I have also got some real gems from these.

Ask plenty, Speak to Tubz, run you’re ideas by them the chances are someone has previously asked and they will give you the answer(s), better than spending a lot of your time trying to solve.


Lose your enthusiasm. You want your customer to care about the Towers and if you’re not enthusiastic they won’t be either.

Just turn up at customers. Have a set route and if you tell customer X you’ll be there Monday AM then do this, I have found this the best way to build good customer relations.

Be afraid to ask. 90 percent of my new business has come from existing customer referrals

Leave unprofitable towers. If a tower is not working, then speak to the customer and move them. The quicker you do this and I give a new site 6 weeks then the less chance these site have of damaging your Turnover.


Ian Moore

Hi my name is Chris King and after 35 years in the fuel retailing industry, thought it was time to try my hand at something different. Having talked to some other Tubz operators , I decided that I would bite the bullet and order my first bundle of 25 in May 2012 , these were sited quite quickly , some good some bad , but soon resited the bad . My area is Herts Beds & Bucks , and I was soon ordering my 2nd bundle of 25 , with the help of the Tubz team who are always at the end of the phone , I am now up to 125 .

Tubz is a very good product and with Starlight the nominated charity, it’s a nice way to raise money for a worthy cause.

Hopefully with the ongoing support of Tubz, I will soon be ordering my next 25.

Chris King

After being left cognitively and physically impaired in a car accident hope of returning to work as I knew it was greatly diminished. After exploring many avenues and a few failed phased returns to my job, I started to look at the franchise model. With all its help, support and winning formula it looked like a great option.I was attracted to the Tubz franchise as it is the number one vending machine brand in the U.K.

So after a short call to Tubz I found out that they actually source and secure the sites for you!! I knew then I was onto a winner.

I was comfortable starting out with the 10 bundle but after working with Kris Whiteley and experiencing how quickly TUBZ delivered my vending machines, stock and found my 10 sites close to home, it was a no brainer to scale the business up. I currently have 34 sites and some very exciting goals for 2014.

Gareth Bishop

We bought a Tubz Bundle in early 2012 and run this as a small family business. We quickly found it to be a business that is easily managed among our other business interests and decided to purchase another bundle later on in the year. One of the things we really like is the knowledge that when we go to do our collections the takings give or take a few quid either way are always very consistent.

The product choices available continually improve with new product lines regularly becoming available keeping the towers up to date with trends and ahead of the competition. Overall we are delighted with how this works for us and have been well supported by the staff and our account manager at Tubz Brands.

Chris & James

I am a mother of Two and as a working parent I always want the best of both worlds. I enjoy supporting my children with all of the things that they get involved in, the first School Play at Christmas, Sports day & half terms or summer holidays etc.

I was always trying to shift swap or trying to book” holiday” and feeling disappointed when I was told” this week is unavailable”. There had to be an alternative.

My Husband suggested a Tubz vending franchise. There was no experience required, A choice of bundles to suit your pocket, Site finding included with every bundle, stock, stickers and all of your advertising merchandise but most importantly ongoing support free of charge for as long as you felt you needed it, Perfect !!

I am now my own boss, I work flexible hours to suit, and the highlight is that even when I’m not working, my Machines are still vending so I’m still earning money!!

Jo Beauchamp

My Husband & I decided to invest in Tubz, in June 2014. We have been self employed for many years and we needed a change of direction. We no longer enjoyed our work driving in the Private Hire sector, and were looking for an alternative which was flexible, fun, and Ideally, it would not involve working weekends. Did such a job exist?……..

We were confident Tubz could be our solution. So after careful consideration, I think it took us approximately 8 weeks to pluck up the courage! We went for it and purchased a 100 tower package. It has been almost six months since we started and we have not been disappointed. The first few weeks were a bit hectic, simply because it was all new to us, but it soon all fell into place and now ticks along nicely. We have since added a few Pringle machines.

We highly recommend this franchise to anyone who is looking for a lifestyle change. As with any business it has its ups and downs, but most of the downs are easily rectified without the stress or sleepless nights which normally go cap in hand with running your own business. The challenges actually make it more fun!
The only experience required is common sense, and good people skills. I have met some fantastic people in some of my sites, and we are actually enjoying going to work again.

It is a big step initially to invest in a package. If it is 10 or 100 towers, it is daunting. But your Account Manager will gently guide you through the process, Our Account Manager is Paul Somerset, his help and advice has been paramount to our success. He is just a phone call away if we need help or encouragement.

Tubz has given us the flexibility and freedom to enjoy a better quality of life. The concept works. It is interesting, rewarding, and fun.

The fundraising association with Tubz, and The Starlight Children’s Foundation is very rewarding. It is exciting to be issued with a fundraising certificate every three months, so we can all see how much has been raised collectively, it gives you a real boost. It is fantastic charity and we are proud to be associated with the fundraising.

We have no regrets and we are looking forward to a prosperous future with Tubz.

Lesley Price

I wanted to change my lifestyle and choose my hours and after a couple of bad experiences with other franchises, I was slightly cautious but as soon as I made contact with Tubz and myself and my mum drove down to meet Kris, we looked at each other and said “yes !!! Lets do this ” as we felt at ease and couldn’t wait to join this amazing team and Kris Whiteley has been great to deal with sorting out any problems or issues very quickly I started in July 2014 with 10 sweet machines and two of my sites asked for a Pringles machine so they were installed on my 2nd visit.

I then had a chance to recently purchase 10 sweet machines from someone who was selling their round and Kris was able to help me with this also.

I am loving this fantastic opportunity, working when I want and meeting some interesting people.

I don’t want to sit still and cannot wait to expand my business with many more machines as quickly as possible.

I currently have 22 machines and I do find it hard to sleep sometimes thinking of the endless possibilities for my business and I have never been happier !!

Marian Mckenna

I have been working with Tubz to build a vending business for sometime. Having looked at others in the market I had no doubt that Tubz led the market with it’s products, brand and the way it supported new businesses. My experience has been that Tubz recognises that it’s partners need to succeed for them to thrive and this is clear in the support I have experienced. The site finding service is excellent and the ongoing advice and support received from the team at Tubz cannot be faulted. With over 150 machines out so far, my choice to work with Tubz has been a good one.



Tubz have given me the opportunity to grow and develop my own profitable business. It’s great having you own independence but knowing that they are behind you to offer guidance and support as well as constantly developing new ideas and products.

Paul my account manager is always at the end of the phone and happy to help with next day orders and Site finding. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and look forward to a prosperous and exciting future working with them.

John Merseyside

My name is Russell Orme, I have been vending with Tubz for nearly 3 years and have around 160 vending towers.
I work a maximum of 30 hours per week and enjoy travelling round meeting different people each week.

As a company Tubz have a help and support team which is only a phone call away, lots of branded products in their range.
Tubz as a company are involved in charity fundraising with Starlight, a charity which raises money for terminally ill children.

Joining Tubz was a really good move for me and I’ve never looked back.

Why don’t you make the change?

Russel Orme

I started with Tubz in March 2011 , buying 100 towers , looking to turn vending into a full time business . The reason I chose Tubz was it offered a franchise type service without the franchise fees and licences that usually come with franchises .

After nearly three years I can honestly say that I am happy with my decision to be associated with Tubz and because of the contacts that I have made within the vending industry I have expanded my business to include snack vending, Pringles, coffee machines and toy capsule machines .

Kelvin ( Mourneview Vending )

I had a successful electronics business in Scotland for 25 years which I luckily sold in 2009, just as the Electronics Industry was leaving the UK. I started looking for another business opportunity without the hassle and heartaches of premises, employees, rent, rates and rubber cheques. I scoured the Business Franchise sector until I stumbled into Tubz in May 2011. My first thought was this sounds too good, what’s the catch?

I jumped on a plane and met the guys, saw the set up at Sittingbourne and realised there is no catch. I signed up that day. I liked the low entry cost, some franchises want £50k up front! With Tubz I started with ten Towers- less than £3k. I knew nothing about vending or sweets, except eating them, but the guys at Tubz patiently answered my questions. I liked it, so I bought another ten towers, then another ten and so on. I now have just about two hundred vending towers.

Thanks to Tubz I now have a “no hassle” business backed by a professional organisation, the support I get from Tubz is first class.

I thoroughly recommend it.

Jim Tarvet

My name is George and I’m based in Great Glen, Leics. On the A6 – half way between Leicester and Market Harborough.

I have now been a Tubz Operative for just over 15 months. I cover a variety of sites ranging from pubs, social clubs to hotels and community centres – wherever people congregate. The sites are also dispersed over a wide area covering Leicestershire and much of the northern part of Northamptonshire.

I chose Tubz for a variety of reasons but mainly so that I could be my own boss, “work” at my own pace and to have the support and expertise already possessed by Tubz. I started off with a bundle of 50 towers and now have built this up to just over 100. The logic behind this is that the more you have the more you can possibly earn and also it’s a manageable number for one person to look after.

Like most businesses mine has its ups and downs but on the whole I am very pleased with it. I am my own boss with my own working hours. I meet many different sorts of people, earn a decent living (my accountant will shortly correct me if I am right or wrong), and above all, of also having the bonus and the opportunity of helping out someone less fortunate than myself – namely Starlight in this instance, and also, other worthwhile causes that my customers may have of their own.


I bought 10 machines, 18 months ago. After 3 months I could see the potential in the Tubz business model and with help and advise from Kris in Tubz I purchased another 70 machines. I now run 150 machines in total, based in county Tipperary and surrounds and plan to expand to 300 machines over the next 12 months. There is great potential to expand in Ireland and there are alot of counties still requiring agents.

I currently spend 3 days a week servicing the machines on a 4 week cycle.

I Find Tubz products to be of highest quality and they’re a great company to deal with.


When we started out business in 2006 it was often a struggle to find good stock and suitable sites. Then we found Tubz and our stock sold better and faster, so we soon came round to using Tubz exclusively. They keep us supplied with good quality products, including well-known brands, and that means our machines are busy with returning customers.

We still make use of their site finding service as locating (and keeping) good sites is vital to making money from our vending business. If we have any problems we can turn to our customer manager (Kris!) and bend his ear about it, so there is always a way to sort things out to our satisfaction.

It’s been a long and successful business relationship between us and Tubz and we hope to continue it for as long as we want to keep and grow our own business.

Juliet and David