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Vending Machine Stock And Products

Until recently the majority of automatic vendors on the market were bulk vendors. These vendors were unhygienic and provided no or little information as to the content or sell-by-date of the products within. The EU is now looking to implement legislation which will stop or restrict the use of bulk vendors, which do not conform to official safety guidelines for food labelling and packaging.

Tubz Brands individual vendors dispense individually packaged vending machine products which are labelled clearly and correctly. So when you choose Tubz, you choose safety as well as fun.

Sqwishland Toyz Products

Tubz Maxi/Pringles Products

Tubz Pringles Sour Cream
Tubz Pringles Original
Tubz Pringles Salt and Vinegar
Tubz Pringles Hot and Spicy
Tubz Pringles Paprika
Tubz Pringles Texas BBQ

Sugar Free Candy Crush Products

Tubz Sugar Free Jelly Bears
Tubz Sugar Free Fruit Salad
Tubz Sugar Free Cola Bottle

Tubz Toyz Products

Tubz Tapas Products

Tubz Tapas Salamini Classic
Tubz Tapas Chorizo
Tubz Tapas Smokey Nutmix
Tubz Tapas Wasabi Hotnuts
Tubz Tapas Chilli Hotnuts
Tubz Tapas Salted Nutmix
Tubz Tapas Honey Hotmix
Tubz Tapas Spicy Nutmix
Tubz Tapas Salted Corn

Tubz Health Products

Tubz Health Cheese Pops
Tubz Health Student Nutmix
Tubz Health Salted Cashews
Tubz Health Cranberry Nutmix
Tubz Health Roasted Walnuts
Tubz Health Smoked Almonds
Tubz Health Roasted Almonds
Tubz Health Raw Unsalted Walnuts
Tubz Health Salted Pistachios
Tubz Health Fruit and Nut Mix