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Tim found a successful new career franchising after being made redundant and a previous franchise not delivering.


Tim out and about at one of his sites

How did you get started?

Tubz: Before you decided to invest in a Tubz bundle, what kind of opportunity were you looking for and why?

Tim Beckley: Basically I wanted to be self-employed. So I had a look on the internet, I searched a few opportunities and Tubz was one of them. There was another option I tried first, but they didn’t deliver what they promised where Tubz did. So I lost a bit of money on them. Tubz did exactly what they said they’d do. I’m happy I’ve gone with them.

Tubz: So you tried another vending franchise opportunity first?

Tim: I did. They didn’t deliver on what they said, they didn’t find any sites, they took my money. It was eight months later and I still didn’t have anything. With Tubz, they found sites straight away and I was quite shocked, really. I thought it would have taken them longer.

Tubz: When did you first start with Tubz?

Tim: That would have been 2014, around February.

Tubz: What’s your previous experience?

Tim: I used to have a job selling. I do cold-calling with Tubz now and if a site is not very good I’ll find new sites myself.

Tubz: So you get out of the office?

Tim: Yes, I’ll be out and about. I’m not saying I’m on the road for long hours because I’m not, I go out and meet people, you go to new places, every day can be different. I find it more rewarding than being stuck in one place, whether it’s an office or warehouse.

Why did you choose Tubz?

Tubz: What was the most important thing when you were evaluating your options?

Tim: Being my own boss and the freedom it has given me. Every day can be different, I’m not stuck to a routine. It’s really flexible.

Tubz: What did you do before you invested in Tubz?

Tim: I moved back down from being up North for 15 years or more and I was out of work at the time after being made redundant. I’d been working in a warehouse and I just wanted to do something completely different. I was going to go back to work, but I didn’t want to work for somebody else. I wanted to work for myself.

For a while I was searching the internet for different things. I thought Tubz could run alongside the other franchise but it turned out they were not so quick off the mark. Tubz started before I knew it so I carried on with that.

How did the setup go?

Tubz: How long did it take to get up and running?

Tim: Very, very quick. I signed up, paid up and within a week or so sites were found. It was pretty quick, I must say.

Tubz: Did the process meet your expectations?

Tim: More than. I was quite surprised with it.

Tubz: Did you use Tubz to find all your sites initially?

Tim: The first ones, yes. And then I found my own after. I still go to them but I’d rather have my own sites. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea but I’d rather deal with things like that. Nobody’s signs to a contract with me. If someone phones up and says they want a machine taking out, I’ll take it out.

Tubz: How many machines did you start with?

Tim: I bought a bundle of 25 in the first package. I’ve got 50 units now.

Tubz: Are you still aiming to expand?

Tim: I am but I want the business to pay for  itself and not use any more funding from myself. I have two contacts through Tubz who wanted to get rid of their rounds. I’ve gone and met them and bought the rounds off them. So I have added to it like that and I bought more off Tubz since, as well. I’ve expanded like that.

Where are you now?

Tubz: Are you completely self-employed?

Tim: Yes. I do a couple of things on top but this is my main job. It doesn’t take much time up so it does leave me the flexibility to do other things. I’m always looking for something else. I like to keep busy but I have a routine. I can clear so many a day and get the job done.

Tubz: How long does it take for you to look after your 50 machines?

Tim: It doesn’t take that long at all because I know which ones need filling every week, which ones need filling every two weeks, and which ones need filling every month. The last full working week of the month is cash-out time so that’s my busiest. I probably work between 2-3 days a week on average.

Tubz: So your aim is to increase your Tubz bundles but you want the business to pay for those?

Tim: Yes, if I work out what I’ve earned in a month through Tubz, I can keep back a certain amount and put it towards buying new units.

Tubz: Where are you based?

Tim: I live in Cirencester and I cover my local area. I’ve got a broad area. I originally set up in Bristol. Once I got established there I expanded throughout the area.

Tubz: Would you say Tubz has been a positive experience for you?

Tim: I would say it has been a positive experience. You have to keep at it, you have to change the products around, you have to market what sells and what doesn’t sell. If you don’t do it properly you won’t make it pay.

If you log everything on a spreadsheet you can work out what sells and what doesn’t sell and then you go and change it over. You don’t have to have loads of lines but some variety. You have to put a bit of work into it like you do with everything.

Tubz: So to succeed you need a bit of hard work and a bit of intelligence?

Tim: Yes. If you’re not happy with sites and you don’t think they’re turning over enough then it’s up to you whether you take them out or get for Tubz to re-site them for you.

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