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Hello entrepreneurs! A warm welcome back to this Springtime edition of Franchise Focus, fresh from the Tubz Vending team’s bookmarks bar. Every month we keep tabs on what’s hot in franchising, collecting the most interesting and helpful news, views, ideas and resources to keep you in the franchising loop.

This month, find out more about the latest trends in franchising, from a fresh focus on women in the niche, to a rise in community involvement amongst franchises, discover what it takes to build a franchise with strong foundations, plus get a lesson in SMS marketing.

Franchising Trends in 2016

Want to find out what the buzz is all about in franchising right now? The Brand Mark Franchising blog is bursting with the latest big ideas and trends in the industry, from the ever-growing involvement of women in the franchising community, to the rise of franchises taking their brand overseas, there’s a lot going on right now and a lot to keep up with. Brand Mark Franchising‘s blog will give you a helpful roundup in a nutshell of everything which you should be keeping an eye on and getting involved in.

How to Build a Franchise with Strong Foundations

Workers on construction site

Not every individual involved in franchising is a franchisee, many in the sector are franchisers, or entrepreneurs working to build their business into a local, national or even international name. So how can these aspiring franchisers grow a franchise which has the strong foundations required to give their enterprise longevity and security?

This is the question which this insightful blog from Franchize Consultants sets outs to answer. From developing a great franchise structure, to keeping the philosophy of designing a “win-win” system in mind, this post is an interesting read.

Should You Market via Text?

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Marketing texts can feel invasive, but from the right kind of business they can be useful, giving you access to exclusive deals that you’ll genuinely want to take advantage of. So how can a business guage whether or not marketing via text will work for them? How can they pitch their marketing messages correctly? And how can they build campaigns which generate return on investment?

If your franchise is looking for fresh ways to reach new and old customers, SMS marketing is an option you might want to look into – but it isn’t for everyone. In this expert blog, published on Franchise Gator, SMS marketing specialist Paul Crane dishes the dirt and explains precisely what it takes to make it work. Interesting stuff.

Would you consider using SMS to market your franchise? Which franchising trends are you most interested in in 2016? Have your say and find out more about our franchising opportunities by dropping the Tubz Vending team an email at: