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Happy New Year, readers! Welcome to a fresh new year of Franchise Focus from Tubz Vending. We love seeing our franchise model work for so many self-employed individuals, which is why we hope to share a little taste of franchising life with our monthly roundups.

Every month we keep track of the best online franchising resources, collecting all the very best bits to share with you in our end of month round up. From how to, to the latest news, you’ll find everything you need to stay abreast of franchising here.

This month: Are business cards becoming obsolete? What questions do you need to ask yourself in order to uncover the ideal franchising opportunity for you? PLUS: Discover why the UK franchising sector is seeing a spate of all time highs.

Are Business Cards Becoming Extinct?

When is the last time somebody gave you their card? When is the last time you gave out yours? If you can’t remember, chances are you’re not in the minority. With the apparently endless rise of digital technology and with increasing pressure on businesses to get Greener, business cards, just like fax machines and typewriters, are rapidly becoming a thing of this past. This interesting article from FranNet takes a closer look at the phenomenon, offers some business card alternatives and investigates further.

How to Choose the Right Franchise for You

Selecting the right franchise opportunity for you can be an extremely personal journey. From taking careful stock of your current lifestyle and evaluating how you’d like this to change, to examining your reasons for wanting to become self employed and considering what kind of business would really make you tick – there’s a whole host of things to think about before you begin researching your options. This helpful guide from the Forum of Private Business is a useful resource that will help you get thinking about these essential questions and to help you find the perfect fit.

UK Franchising Sector at Record High

According to a recent article published on the ever-informative Franchise Direct website, the UK franchising sector has experienced a spate of “all time highs” when it comes to turnover, employment and quantities of franchisee-owned businesses. Now employing a whopping 621,000 people in the UK, and contributing £15.5bn to the national economy, this is clearly a sector on the grow. Find out why and get more details via Franchise Direct.

Has the apparent “franchising boom” affected your business? Do you still use business cards? Which were the most important factors in your own franchise selection process?Have your say and contact our team via