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Hello readers, welcome to Springtime here at Franchise Focus, Tubz Vending’s monthly round up of the best blogs of the month all about franchising.

With seasonal change in the air, it’s a great time to start thinking about trying something new. If a professional change is on your horizon, our regular round up will give you tonnes of great inspiration and insight into the world of franchises, franchisers and franchisees! Every month, we scour the web for the best blogs from our favourite sources and share them with you right here.

This month, catch up on the highlights from the International Retail Franchising Summit, find out why it could be time for you to fall in love with franchising, PLUS get the latest figures which show the growth of franchises in the US over the coming year.

International Retail Franchising Summit: In Review

If you’re interested in retail franchising, early March’s International Retail Franchising Summit held in London was not to be missed. If you did miss it, however, never fear, Sarah Pavlou (Managing Director of Kyclo) has blogged all about the event and its highlights so you can catch up on all the action.

From the summit’s focus on mutual profitability, to a particularly helpful slant towards supply chain and replenishment systems for franchisees, this was an event packed with expertise from some of the leading retail franchises in the UK and across the world. We picked up on Sarah’s brilliant “catch up” blog via this handy article published on the Essential Retail website – another great source of retail franchising news and ideas.

Fall Head Over Heels with Franchising

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They say that Spring is the season for love, and it looks like The Think Team entirely agree. This month they published a fun blog all about falling head over heels with franchising as a business opportunity. From love at first sight, to developing a deep connection and building a long-term relationship, their light-hearted but informative blog gives all sorts of reasons for “newcomers” to take a closer look at the business structure and how it could work for them.

  • Are you already a franchisee? Has your experience with franchising been a love affair? Share your stories with other readers below.

Continued Franchising Growth Predicted in the US


The US and the UK may be very, very different places, but when it comes to franchising, the two nations are often on the same page, with UK franchising patterns typically following on the heels of what’s happening in the States.

This month, the Veteran Franchise Advisers website published this infographic all about the continued growth of franchise based business in the USA – researched and created by the IFA (International Franchise Association). The trends depicted mirror the positive environment for franchising many in the UK are taking advantage of, with franchises offering more employment and expecting greater turnover in 2016.

Do you think the UK franchise environment follows in the footsteps of the USA’s? Have you had a franchising love affair? Was it tumultuous or beautiful? Have your say and contact our team to learn more about our franchising opportunitiesat