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Twitter is arguably the best source of news and information around, and this is especially true for industries such as franchising.

We follow numerous franchise-related Twitter accounts; not necessarily because of how many followers they have or how well known they are, but because they provide fantastic insight, information and advice for franchisees and franchisors.

So check out our top 21 favourite franchise Twitter accounts, most of which link to equally valuable websites and blogs.

1) Eric Stites (@EricStites)@EricStites – Eric Stites



Entrepreneur and franchise researcher Eric Stites shares guidance in the form of articles from his site Franchise Business Review, as well as gems from other industry leaders.


2) Sean Kelly (@FranchisePick)@FranchisePick – Sean Kelly



Sean is a well respected franchise writer and consultant who knows his field better than most. He Tweets some of his great articles from his site FranBest and is a must-follow guy.


3) Kate Taylor (@Kate_H_Taylor)@Kate_H_Taylor – Kate Taylor



Kate is a staff writer for who writes regularly about franchising. She shares her work and other franchise-related news and tips on her Twitter account, as well as other fun stuff.  


4) Franchise Strategist (@BizAdvisor)@BizAdvisor – Franchise Strategist



The Franchise Strategist account is packed with useful articles from associated site Franchise Money Maker, information about franchise opportunities and events, and motivational tweets.


5) Franchise Experts (@FranchiseSales_)@Franchise Sales – Franchise Experts



This account is dedicated to connecting franchisors and franchisees and is an extension of Franchise Sales. It’s a great way for people new to franchising to move to the next step.



6) Franchise Handbook (@FranchiseHdbk)@FranchiseHdbk – Franchise Handbook



You can find franchise announcements, news and advice on this Twitter feed which is of course related to the Franchise Handbook – a directory of over 1700 franchises and additional tips.


7) Katrina Mitchell (@SpeakFranchise) @SpeakFranchise – Katerina Mitchell



Katrina’s account focuses on advice for making the most of franchise conferences, as her site Franchise Speakers provides orators for these events. Some excellent advice for anyone running a franchise networking day.


8) IFA (@Franchising411)@Franchising411 – IFA



As you might expect the International Franchise Association’s Twitter account provides a wealth of information on all things franchise, as does its website.


9) (@Franchising_com)@Franchising_com –



A multimedia feed of articles, videos and links to print resources on franchising from the team behind franchise-encompassing website,


10) Joel Libava ♛ (@FranchiseKing)@FranchiseKing – Joel Libava



Joel ends up in a  lot of our blogs, but then he is the Franchise King. All franchisors and franchisees should follow his Twitter account for industry news and plenty of articles giving insightful guidance.


11) Franchise Times (@FranTimes)@FranTimes – Franchise Times



This is the feed for the US’ biggest print publication and website dedicated solely to franchising. As you’d expect the Twitter account shares masses of information that’s invaluable to franchisors and franchisees the world over.


12) TheFranchiseMagazine (@TheFranchiseMag)@TheFranchiseMag – The Franchise Magazine



The Franchise Magazine is a UK based franchise publication and on Twitter these guys offer articles and news that are useful for anyone in franchising, with any amount of experience. Another must-follow for UK folks at least.


13) Franchise Biz Review (@FranchiseReview)@FranchiseReview – Franchise Biz Review



This feed is a great source of independent franchising and entrepreneurship information and guidance, attached to the equally notable Franchise Business Review site.



14) British Franchise (@BFA_UK)@BFA_UK – British Franchise



This is the Twitter feed for the British Franchise Association, and it focuses on news and tip, but also the ethics and standards expected in this industry. A very useful account for Brit entrepreneurs to follow.


15)evan carmichael 2 @EvanCarmichael – Evan Carmichael



Evan is an expert in entrepreneurship and for anyone wanting to make it in the world of franchising, he is a great guy to follow for guidance and importantly for motivation. His site is full of useful articles and guides too.


16) Biz Opportunities (@bizopinsider)@bizopinsider – Biz Opportunities



A feed full of franchise advice and articles from Dane Carlson’s, and the latest industry news to keep you up to date.


17) AllBusiness (@AllBusiness_com)@AllBusiness_com – AllBusiness


Although not solely franchise-focused AllBusiness talks a lot about startups and building your own business, which topics are spot on for franchisees and franchisors with big dreams.




18) Franchise Direct UK (@FranchisesUK) @FranchisesUK – Franchise Direct UK



This is the UK feed for the fantastic Franchise Direct blog and directory, offering the latest news and opportunities in the sector. The US account is right here for you guys across the pond.


19) Lizette Pirtle (@infranchisesu)@infranchisesu – Lizette Pirtle



Lizette is passionate about franchise success and she shares advice from her website which tackles just that, as well as top tips from other industry leaders.



20) Franchise (@franchise)@franchise – Franchise



Sebastien Page shares a wealth of news on existing franchises, and he usually tweets numerous times each day so follow if you want to be regularly updates on the industry.


If there are other franchise accounts we should include here let us know in the comments section. These are our favourites but the Twittersphere is a big place so don’t hold it against us if we’ve missed someone!