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So you’ve decided to make the leap into franchising! It’s an exciting path ahead, full of opportunity and promise. But there are a few important tips to consider before you take your first step towards success.

  1. Choose something that suits you.
    You will be the driving force of this business. You will be where it starts and finishes. Fundamentally, you will be what makes it successful. So be sure you have picked the right business, the right brand, with an ethos that you can stand alongside and champion. Choose something that you find interesting but don’t choose with your heart, use your head and be mindful of all the things that will influence your business. Assess your strengths and weaknesses and choose with them in mind. 
  2. Speak to a lawyer
    This is your very first venture into franchising so it makes sense to talk to an expert. Some of the legalities can be tricky to understand and you will want to ensure all the boxes are ticked, Is are dotted and Ts are crossed. An experienced lawyer can negotiate you the best deal on your franchise agreement, kicking you off with the best possible start.
  3. Talk with other franchisees
    They have walked in your shoes and no doubt will have numerous hints and tips to help make your journey smoother. Take all advice on board and then consider which bits will be useful to your business. But don’t take it as gospel, be sure to do your own research too.
  4. Consider both upfront and ongoing costs
    It is vital that you are aware of all operation costs for your franchise. Here at Tubz, all our vending machine packages are fully inclusive, containing all you need to start your franchise from the offset. But not all companies have the same model so be sure you can cover any future costs also.
  5. Build a strong team around you
    If the business requires more than just you to keep it running at an optimum level, then be sure you hire an effective, knowledgeable and talented team. Remember that your customer will be greeted and influenced by whoever you choose and they will be the face of your business. Choose wisely.
  6. Be willing to work hard
    Your success relies upon your dedicated. Whichever franchise package you choose will require hard work to get off the ground and to keep afloat, so be prepared to put the hours in if you want it to work.
  7. Never stop marketing
    Use as many tools as you can to promote your business. You will, no doubt, be able to find free seminars and workshops locally to help you to do this but also draw from your brand’s resources. Many offer marketing support as part of your franchise agreement. Tubz offer expert business marketing conducted by our inhouse team as part of our vending machine franchise costs, including contacting prospective site owners on your behalf.

The flexibility and variety of franchise packages available means that with some dedication and a thought-out approach, you can efficiently find the opportunity that best suits you!