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Welcome to November’s Tubz Vending roundup. Every month the Tubz Vending franchising experts keep tabs on the best, brightest and most useful blogs, articles and online resources in the industry on the web. When it’s time for our monthly roundup, we hand-pick the very best bits from our bookmarks bar to help you learn a little more about franchising, help inspire you to explore our world and to give you a few tips and tricks of the trade.

This November: Find out how franchising can put you on a fast-track into business, get a lesson on the ten steps that go into buying a food franchise and find out why entrepreneurs may not make the best franchisees…

Franchising: A Clever Route Into Business?

It can take years or even decades to build a successful business from the ground up. But going into business doesn’t just take time it also requires contacts, resources, stamina, acceptance of failure, grit…you name it. In short, starting your own business is tough. Which is why franchising presents a very interesting option to individuals keen to run their own business and enjoy the freedom and autonomy this provides without the steep on-ramp that comes with starting an independent business.

In this article published on the GSM London blog, Andrew Falconer explores the usefulness of franchising as an alternative route into business – and makes some very interesting points. Read the piece online and share your thoughts below.

Do Entrepreneurs Make Bad Franchisees?


Here’s an interesting post from Platinum Wave. In this article, the author shares some information about franchising and a franchisee’s personal success story, but also makes an unusual point: entrepreneurs don’t necessarily make great franchisees.

Instead, the article argues, individuals from very different, non-entrepreneurial backgrounds are often highly successful as members of a franchise. In this case an ex-police officer’s natural skills and approaches are shown to reap dividends in a franchising context. The reason? According to this post, entrepreneurial spirits like to challenge and change.

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How to Buy a Food Franchise


Thinking about taking the plunge and buying a food franchise? Hold your horses. Don’t do anything until you’ve read this quick guide to franchise buying from Sherrards Solicitors.

In this helpful guide , experienced franchise lawyers Manzoor Ishani and Leigh Head guide you through the ten essential steps to work through when buying a food franchise, from choosing between service and retail franchising, to acquiring a premises.

Do you have any advice to give those considering buying a food franchise? Do you think entrepreneurs make bad franchisees? Share your thoughts with other readers below or get in touch today with our franchising team via