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Season’s greeting and a warm welcome back to December’s Tubz Vending roundup. Each month our team of franchising experts keep close tabs on what’s going on in the world of franchising by keeping up with some of the best blogs and articles from the industry online. From top tips which will help you make the most of your franchise, to helpful pointers for those considering taking on a franchise, you’ll find tonnes of great ideas and resources right here.

This December: Find out how to hire (and keep!) the best staff for your franchise, how to decide whether your franchise is ready for national expansion and how to handle a difficult “new franchise” sales drought.

How to Hire & Retain the Right Staff for Your Franchise

For any business, employees are the greatest and most valuable asset – but often one of the most undervalued and overlooked. This is no different for franchises. The more suited and engaged your team are with your franchise business, the better your business is likely to perform. So how can you attract, identify and (most importantly) retain the perfect people for the job?

This helpful post from Interim Franchising has a few great ideas and pointers which will help you build and maintain your business’s ultimate “crack team”. From setting, recording and measuring expectations, to developing an effective employee recognition scheme – there are a lot of ideas to take on board here, and lots of easy-to-implement suggestions which could make a huge difference to your franchise.

Is Your Franchise Ready to Expand Nationally?

The question of expansion is a big one for franchises. How soon is too soon? Can wider expansion be achieved while quality is maintained? Will your franchise translate in a whole new region? For small franchises with big ambitions, these are all crucial issues to ponder – and ones covered in the Franchise Funding Group‘s recent blog all about national expansion. Here you’ll find five essential questions every franchise owner should ask themselves before taking their next, national step. A helpful read for franchises keen to expand – and an interesting read for potential franchisees keen to get on board with a recently expanded franchise.

How to Conquer a New Franchise Sales Drought

Slow sales are not an uncommon experience for new franchise owners. With a fresh location and as a new name in your area, it can take time to drum up a comfortable level of custom. Yet a prolonged sales drought can strike fear into the heart of any new franchise owner. If you’re facing this issue, this fresh blog from Top Snap has a few helpful suggestions which will help you see out this rocky period and begin drumming up regular business.

How have you overcome a new franchise sales drought? What steps have you taken to grow a confident and committed team? Share your thoughts with other readers below or get in touch today with our franchising team via