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A Kent based business with big results

Tubz Brands has been active in vending since the year 2000. From the outset Tubz have continuously developed, innovated and improved our vending concepts to ensure our products and equipment are always at the forefront in the market place. We operate with a dedicated team of professionals based in the UK who combine a great deal of experience in the fields of vending, product development, marketing, manufacturing and logistics.

The Tubz Group Manufacture both the vending machines and product fillings which gives us complete control of the supply chain ensuring better stability for our customers, franchisees & licence / marketing partners. This also enables us to respond to market trends and the specific needs and tastes of our customers no matter where they are located. We currently supply our products all over the world: UK, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia & South America.

Tubz have Manufacturing facilities, distribution facilities and offices in the UK, China and in the Netherlands. Tubz Europe is part of the Tubz Brands Group based at Sittingbourne in Kent, UK. The Tubz Group together employ over 60 people and in 2015 produced over 10 million Tubz vending products which were sold through its network of customers and franchisees with in an excess of over 30,000 venues including large corporates sites such as: Marsden’s, Green King, B&Q, Homebase, Toys R Us, Council run leisure centres, Shopping centres Bowling Alleys, and hundreds of other businesses types . This means a product is purchased somewhere in the world from a Tubz Group vending Tower on average every 3 seconds!

Our products

All our vending tower machines operate without the need for electricity giving them a very low carbon foot print allowing them to be sited almost anywhere as long as there is a through flow of people. Venues such as: bars, pubs, hotels, pool centres, sports centres, swimming pools, barber shops, Retail outlets, business premises etc. Our machines are like silent salesmen who work 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Even while you are away on holiday your machines continue to sell products and make money for you!

exclusive1We vend only the highest quality products sourced from around the world from our vending machines which your customers will notice and help make sure they come back for more again and again.


Over the past 15 years we have developed the following successful vending tower concepts which are now well established in the market place to offer something for every customers taste and possible site location to help our network of franchisees & customers maximise their sales and profits!

Our Vending concepts. Something for everyone and every venue!

Tubz Tower Original

Tubz Tower

The Tubz Tower is an attractive chrome coloured vending machine which vends small TUBZ pots filled with many different confectionary products including brand names such as HARIBO, NESTLE, SKITTLES, ROLO, TOBLERONE just to name a few!

Whether you are at a Children’s play centre, retail outlet, shopping centre or family bar: simply twist and choose the delicious can of your choice!

Pringles Tower

The Pringles is an attractive red or black coloured vending machine suitable for vending 40g cans of Pringles chips and now a selection of branded packet products in our Maxi Tubz range!

Whether you are at a bar, pub, hotel, bowling alley or even at your office: simply twist and choose the delicious can of your choice!


Tubz Tapas & Health Tower

The Tapas & health Tower is an attractive black coloured vending machine and since its launch in 2016 have been taking Europe by storm! Designed to project a more up market and quality product range the specially designed Tubz are gas flushed and sealed to lock the freshness in. The Tubz are filled with a great range of delicious Tapa portion products such as premium nuts, olives, dried fruits and (mostly raw) nuts with super fruits! A big part of these products are pure and natural without any added salt, sugar or additives.

This assortment was created especially for business type places but of course they could perform very well at health centres, fitness centres, sports centres, hospitals but have also work extremely well in bars, pubs, hotels, bowling centres and other retail outlets: simply twist and choose between several delicious Tapa style and healthy Tubz snacks and enjoy!

Toy Tower Original 

Mega Candy & Toy Tubz Tower

The Mega Tubz Tower is an attractive black or red coloured vending machine which vends big TUBZ pots filled with bothy a Toy / Novelty and Candies. In a world’s first for vending Tubz have developed a revolutionary double compartment which keeps the candies completely separate from toy or novelty. Whether you are at a Children’s play centre, bowling alley, retail outlet, shipping centre or family bar: simply twist and choose any great mix of both toy & treat of your choice!


Toy & Novelty Station

The Toy Tower is an attractive vending machine which vends round TUBZ capsules filled with many different toys included brand names such as Disney, Marvel & Frozen. Whether you are at a Children’s play centre, retail outlet, shipping centre or family bar: simply twist and choose a fantastic toy or novelty item every time!


If I can be of any further help please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0044 (0)845 601 9001.

Franchise Focus December

Season’s greeting and a warm welcome back to December’s Tubz Vending roundup. Each month our team of franchising experts keep close tabs on what’s going on in the world of franchising by keeping up with some of the best blogs and articles from the industry online. From top tips which will help you make the most of your franchise, to helpful pointers for those considering taking on a franchise, you’ll find tonnes of great ideas and resources right here.

This December: Find out how to hire (and keep!) the best staff for your franchise, how to decide whether your franchise is ready for national expansion and how to handle a difficult “new franchise” sales drought.

How to Hire & Retain the Right Staff for Your Franchise


For any business, employees are the greatest and most valuable asset – but often one of the most undervalued and overlooked. This is no different for franchises. The more suited and engaged your team are with your franchise business, the better your business is likely to perform. So how can you attract, identify and (most importantly) retain the perfect people for the job?

This helpful post from Interim Franchising has a few great ideas and pointers which will help you build and maintain your business’s ultimate “crack team”. From setting, recording and measuring expectations, to developing an effective employee recognition scheme – there are a lot of ideas to take on board here, and lots of easy-to-implement suggestions which could make a huge difference to your franchise.

Is Your Franchise Ready to Expand Nationally?


The question of expansion is a big one for franchises. How soon is too soon? Can wider expansion be achieved while quality is maintained? Will your franchise translate in a whole new region? For small franchises with big ambitions, these are all crucial issues to ponder – and ones covered in the Franchise Funding Group‘s recent blog all about national expansion. Here you’ll find five essential questions every franchise owner should ask themselves before taking their next, national step. A helpful read for franchises keen to expand – and an interesting read for potential franchisees keen to get on board with a recently expanded franchise.

How to Conquer a New Franchise Sales Drought


Slow sales are not an uncommon experience for new franchise owners. With a fresh location and as a new name in your area, it can take time to drum up a comfortable level of custom. Yet a prolonged sales drought can strike fear into the heart of any new franchise owner. If you’re facing this issue, this fresh blog from Top Snap has a few helpful suggestions which will help you see out this rocky period and begin drumming up regular business.

How have you overcome a new franchise sales drought? What steps have you taken to grow a confident and committed team? Share your thoughts with other readers below or get in touch today with our franchising team via

2015 at Excel Docklands London



Once again Tubz Brands exhibited at The Franchise Show in February and were so busy none of the staff & even Mr Tubz couldn’t take a break the whole of the two days. It is official, that not only was the Tubz Stand the busiest in the whole of the show we were also the stars of the show with Mr Tubz out shining all the other mascots.


We were so busy that many people couldn’t get to speak to us, so they phoned us the following Monday to make an appointment to come and see us at our Head Quarters in Kent. Tubz are pleased to announce that we have brought on ten new franchisees from this show already. If you haven’t got to speak to us yet or would like to come down to meet us in Kent please give us a phone call on 0845 601 9001 We will be pleased to book an appointment and show you our latest plastic moulding injection machinery, production & warehouse facilities together with our sales and telesales departments. You will be welcomed with a nice cup of coffee or tea and don’t worry we have plenty of areas available so please phone us for a friendly professional chat.


The “Chocolate Season” Has Started!

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

xmas1There’s no mistaking that the build-up to the festive season is well under way with famous brands and retailers embarking on their Christmas marketing campaigns. TV commercials, packaging and shop displays are becoming ever more sparkly in the anticipation of consumer spending habits.

With the busy Christmas period soon upon us and the colder weather finally drawing in, it is high time for vendors to start thinking about meeting the shifting tastes and purchasing habits of your customers.

We have seen in previous posts that it is important to try and tune your product range to suit the time of year and that couldn’t be more applicable than now.

If you have been operating your own vending business over the last year, you may well have seen a dip in the sales of your chocolate-based products through the warmer months. This is down to the consumer’s perception of chocolate being less desirable when it is hot, turning instead to iced products and more refreshing or fruitier goods (let’s face it, in the height of summer, an ice lolly is more appealing).

As the year draws on, however, tastes change. In colder weather, we naturally seek “fattier” products or foods with a higher calorie content.

xmas3Chocolate goodies go almost hand in hand with Christmas, either as gifts or simply a preferred treat or snack. How many of your buy in those giant tins of Heroes or Quality Street? It’s almost a given that you’re going to have at least one in your shopping trolley as you’re doing your seasonal shop. In January 2013, Thorntons reported a 5.4% rise in chocolate sales over the Christmas period ( and it’s no surprise!

Susan Smillie, food and drink editor for The Guardian and Observer online, wrote cast a helpful interesting glance over this phenomenon, observing that the “chocolate season” starts just before Halloween and continues through Christmas and remains strong until just after Easter, a trend knowingly referred to by UK chocolatiers across the board. You can see her article here:

xmas2So what is it about chocolate that makes us go potty over it during the holidays? Perhaps it is the association of luxury with celebration, perhaps it is the need for simple comforts in bleaker weather. Whatever the reasons, as a vendor you can be profiting from this consumer trend so act now and make the most the season!

Gareth runs his Marathon in Style

Brave Gareth who we have reported on before, ran the Belfast Marathon Last weekend to raise much needed funds for Tubz Brands nominated Charity ‘The Starlight Children’s Foundation.’

welcome refreshment

welcome refreshment

Finished and got the medal to prove it

finished and got the medal to prove it

Gareth who was involved in a horrific car crash a few years ago and suffered life threatening major injuries spent months training for this day to prove that with self-belief and determination coupled with help from all those around you anything is possible. Gareth wanted to give something back and this was his way of saying thank you to all those involved in his recovery.

crowded start line

crowded start line

done it got the tee-shirt

done it got the t-shirt

Gareth finished in a credible 5-50:37 so he got the medal and the tee-shirt but most importantly raised over £1300.00 for Starlight Children’s Foundation which much needed and very welcome, and is still collecting donations.

To find out more about ‘The Starlight Children’s Foundation’ and the important work they do. For serious and terminally ill children in the UK and their families.


New £1 Coin and Vending Towers

osborne-budget12Recent news to set the vending industry aquiver is George Osbourne’s announcement that a new pound coin will come into circulation in 2017.

The new coins, which will have 12 sides, will be issued by the Royal Mint and an attempt to fight the growing problem of counterfeiting. Although this will be a welcome change for many industries, it is likely to be a cause for concern for vending machine operators. So what advice can we give? Well, in the immortal words of Douglas Adams, “Don’t panic!” because there are going to be more positives than negatives.

According to recent article in The Telegraph, there are an estimated 45million counterfeit pound coins in circulation today and it is on the increase. Although not inhibitive, counterfeit coins have been responsible for revenue loss for many vending operators, particularly with the mechanical coin operated machines such as tower and bulk vendors which are unable to weigh the coins electronically. The new design of coin should therefore be a welcome change and in the long run will mean decreased losses across the board.

_73669828_021583937-1The most obvious concern is going to be the cost incurred by the need to convert existing machines to accept the new coin. Fortunately for vending towers (and bulk vendors), the cost of conversion should be kept to a minimum as it will be a simple case of changing the coin carrier plates inside the mechanisms rather than the whole unit. More information about the dimensions of the coins will no doubt be made available prior to them coming into circulation to give people time to adapt and as we have two years to prepare for this, some forward-planning for the expenditure will help cushion the blow.

tokenBut let’s not forget the positives that will come from this and weigh the initial costs against the long-term savings that will come from not having to filter out counterfeit money from your takings.

Although it is not yet confirmed whether the coins will operate in shopping trollies, we do expect that the change will also help reduce, if not eliminate, the problem of trolley tokens being used in vending towers.

Your vending supplier will be able to advise you as more information becomes available but we will keep posting with updates so be sure to check back for further advice.