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Are you looking for a new challenge, the chance to be your own boss or a flexible side earner you can slot into your schedule? Sweet vending franchise opportunities can be found right across the UK and can be developed into the business or professional next step you’ve been looking for – whatever your goals might be.

Today we’re going to be exploring what these franchise business opportunities involve, who they are a good fit for and what you need to get started.

What is a sweet vending franchise?

Let’s start with the basics. Sweet vending franchise opportunities can come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles. From upfront costs, to ongoing payments, there is a lot of variation from opportunity to opportunity, but the basic principle remains the same:

A franchisor (just like Tubz) enters into an agreement with a franchisee (that could be you!) which allows the franchisee to operate the franchisor’s products, structures, equipment, marketing and/or locations. This means that the franchisee can generate revenue by installing and maintaining sweet vending machines in their area.

This franchising agreement typically calls for an upfront payment to the franchisor to get the ball rolling (you can take a look at our costs here) but our structure allows franchisees to keep all of the subsequent profits they generate. Some franchisors will take a percentage each month, others will have ongoing maintenance fees – the structure will vary from franchise to franchise, so make sure you read the small print.

Franchisees will usually be responsible for restocking and maintaining the machines, in some cases they will also be responsible for identifying and arranging new locations. The workload you face and the profits you make will depend on the number of machines you franchise. As comparatively cheap franchise opportunities, sweet vending franchising is easy to get started with and easy to grow into a bigger network of machines.

Who do vending franchises suit?

The beauty of these low cost franchise opportunities is that they are incredibly flexible. Some franchisees take on just a couple of machines which require just a few hours of work each week. These hours can easily be fitted around a hectic schedule (perfect for busy parents) or can provide a small supplementary income ideal for retirees.

Other franchisees love the idea of being their own boss but may not have the capital to launch a startup or invest in a more substantial franchise, or may not want to take the risk on their own. Cheap franchise opportunities like this give such individuals the affordable kick start they need to grow their own endeavour into a full time, self-employed role.

Vending franchise opportunities are also a great fit for entrepreneurial spirits who may not have the experience to embark on a more significant venture. Working with a vending franchisor gives you access to their many years of experience, a community of franchisees, plus ongoing training and support which allow you to “learn the ropes” from the ground up and gain experience yourself

Ultimately, this type of opportunity is what you make of it. Flexible and affordable, franchisees can use their new enterprise to develop a steady supplementary income, build something bigger or work towards their next entrepreneurial step. Which path will you take?

Getting started

Interested in getting the ball rolling? It’s time to appraise the sweet vending franchise opportunities out there and to invest. Make sure you do your homework before you put your cash on the table. As we mentioned in our introduction, no two franchises are identical, so it pays to know crucial details like:

– Upfront costs

– Ongoing costs

– Maintenance costs

– Restocking costs

– Restocking frequency

– Whether sites are included in your deal

– Training availability

– Who you’ll be working most closely with

– Opportunities to expand


Would you like to learn more about how vending franchising works or take a closer look at our structure here at Tubz Vending? Explore our website or talk to our team today via