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Should I become a franchisee?

Should I become a franchisee?

People come to franchising from all walks of life. For some, it’s the first step on the road towards entrepreneurship. For others, it’s an opportunity to be their own boss. Some franchisees enter the role with the goal of generating additional income through a flexible system they can fit around their lifestyle. (more…)

Sweet tower vending machines – The business for you?

Sweet tower vending machines – The business for you?

Are you ready for a professional change?

Whether you’re daydreaming about retirement but want to ensure you have extra income, fantasising about building your own business empire or itching to get out of the office and become your own boss, vending machine franchises present flexible and workable next steps.

Completely scalable to suit your lifestyle, sweet tower vending machine franchises (like our packages at Tubz) can generate as much as £72,200 gross profits per annum, or take up as little as 2 hours of your time per week, depending on your goals and resources.

You can find out more about our potential profits, and what you might be able to expect to earn on our business bundles page.

So is vending the business for you?

At Tubz we work with an incredibly diverse range of individuals. Our franchisees come from all over the UK, from all backgrounds, of all ages, with completely different professional experiences; from stay-at-home parents and eager young entrepreneurs, to retired individuals and tradespeople seeking flexible additional income. That means vending machine franchises are the business for everybody!

There are, however, a few practical requirements that will affect your suitability:

– Transportation

In order to visit your vending tower locations in order to check and refill machines, you will need to have access to a vehicle that is also able to transport your vending towers.

– Time

At least two hours a week are required to maintain our smallest vending franchise option. Many of our franchisees choose to spend considerably more time on their franchises, but this is completely up to you.

– Storage space

Depending on the number of sweet vending machine towers you choose to operate, you may need space to store machines that are not yet at sites.  

If you have transportation, time and a little storage space, vending machines could well be the business for you. But aside from practical considerations, there are some personal attributes which may make this business a better fit for you:

– Motivated

Some Tubz franchisees have been self-employed for decades, others are totally new to working for themselves. Whether you have experience being your own boss or not is unimportant, what really matters is that you’re driven to make your sweet vending machine business a success and will stick at it until it is!

– Organised

Our smaller packages are relatively simple to organise, but at the other end of the spectrum, with 100 towers to keep topped up and locations to monitor, organisational abilities will become crucial to your success.

– Independent

Your vending machine towers are your responsibility, which means you need to be prepared to take initiative. If a location isn’t performing well, raising this with your franchisor is crucial. If you’re selling out faster than anticipated, it’s down to you to expand your business. Rest assured though that the Tubz team do offer support on an ongoing basis, so if you have issues, new goals or want to built your empire further, get in touch.

Do you think Tubz sweet tower vending machines could be the right next step for you? We’d love to show you a little more of what we do. To find out more about our system, rates and bundles, explore our website or get in touch today via or on 0845 601 900.

A Kent based business with big results

Tubz Brands has been active in vending since the year 2000. From the outset Tubz have continuously developed, innovated and improved our vending concepts to ensure our products and equipment are always at the forefront in the market place. We operate with a dedicated team of professionals based in the UK who combine a great deal of experience in the fields of vending, product development, marketing, manufacturing and logistics.

The Tubz Group Manufacture both the vending machines and product fillings which gives us complete control of the supply chain ensuring better stability for our customers, franchisees & licence / marketing partners. This also enables us to respond to market trends and the specific needs and tastes of our customers no matter where they are located. We currently supply our products all over the world: UK, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia & South America.

Tubz have Manufacturing facilities, distribution facilities and offices in the UK, China and in the Netherlands. Tubz Europe is part of the Tubz Brands Group based at Sittingbourne in Kent, UK. The Tubz Group together employ over 60 people and in 2015 produced over 10 million Tubz vending products which were sold through its network of customers and franchisees with in an excess of over 30,000 venues including large corporates sites such as: Marsden’s, Green King, B&Q, Homebase, Toys R Us, Council run leisure centres, Shopping centres Bowling Alleys, and hundreds of other businesses types . This means a product is purchased somewhere in the world from a Tubz Group vending Tower on average every 3 seconds!

Our products

All our vending tower machines operate without the need for electricity giving them a very low carbon foot print allowing them to be sited almost anywhere as long as there is a through flow of people. Venues such as: bars, pubs, hotels, pool centres, sports centres, swimming pools, barber shops, Retail outlets, business premises etc. Our machines are like silent salesmen who work 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Even while you are away on holiday your machines continue to sell products and make money for you!

exclusive1We vend only the highest quality products sourced from around the world from our vending machines which your customers will notice and help make sure they come back for more again and again.


Over the past 15 years we have developed the following successful vending tower concepts which are now well established in the market place to offer something for every customers taste and possible site location to help our network of franchisees & customers maximise their sales and profits!

Our Vending concepts. Something for everyone and every venue!

Tubz Tower Original

Tubz Tower

The Tubz Tower is an attractive chrome coloured vending machine which vends small TUBZ pots filled with many different confectionary products including brand names such as HARIBO, NESTLE, SKITTLES, ROLO, TOBLERONE just to name a few!

Whether you are at a Children’s play centre, retail outlet, shopping centre or family bar: simply twist and choose the delicious can of your choice!

Pringles Tower

The Pringles is an attractive red or black coloured vending machine suitable for vending 40g cans of Pringles chips and now a selection of branded packet products in our Maxi Tubz range!

Whether you are at a bar, pub, hotel, bowling alley or even at your office: simply twist and choose the delicious can of your choice!


Tubz Tapas & Health Tower

The Tapas & health Tower is an attractive black coloured vending machine and since its launch in 2016 have been taking Europe by storm! Designed to project a more up market and quality product range the specially designed Tubz are gas flushed and sealed to lock the freshness in. The Tubz are filled with a great range of delicious Tapa portion products such as premium nuts, olives, dried fruits and (mostly raw) nuts with super fruits! A big part of these products are pure and natural without any added salt, sugar or additives.

This assortment was created especially for business type places but of course they could perform very well at health centres, fitness centres, sports centres, hospitals but have also work extremely well in bars, pubs, hotels, bowling centres and other retail outlets: simply twist and choose between several delicious Tapa style and healthy Tubz snacks and enjoy!

Toy Tower Original 

Mega Candy & Toy Tubz Tower

The Mega Tubz Tower is an attractive black or red coloured vending machine which vends big TUBZ pots filled with bothy a Toy / Novelty and Candies. In a world’s first for vending Tubz have developed a revolutionary double compartment which keeps the candies completely separate from toy or novelty. Whether you are at a Children’s play centre, bowling alley, retail outlet, shipping centre or family bar: simply twist and choose any great mix of both toy & treat of your choice!


Toy & Novelty Station

The Toy Tower is an attractive vending machine which vends round TUBZ capsules filled with many different toys included brand names such as Disney, Marvel & Frozen. Whether you are at a Children’s play centre, retail outlet, shipping centre or family bar: simply twist and choose a fantastic toy or novelty item every time!


If I can be of any further help please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0044 (0)845 601 9001.

How do vending machine businesses work?

How do vending machine businesses work?

Are you interested in running a vending machine business?

If you’ve been exploring this option, you’ve probably been attracted by low startup costs, the opportunity to be your own boss, the chance to dictate your own schedule, the idea of growing your own business however you’d like, and the thought of solid profits whether you’re putting in a few hours a week or going full time. There’s a lot to like about going into the vending machine business, which makes the enterprise a promising one for people from all backgrounds and walks of life. So how can you get started and what do you need to know before you take the plunge? In this article we’ll be explaining how franchises work and how vending machines make money using this structure, taking you from your first investment to your first annual profits.  If you want to find out more about why Tubz is a great partner to help you succeed in this venture, then check out details on our business and what support we offer our franchisees.

How does a franchise work?

what-is-a-franchise_-tubz-google-chrome-2016-10-17-15-57-19 A franchising system is how the vending machine business works in most cases. A franchisor is a company with its own products, its own branding and its own processes, which sells the opportunity to use all of these assets to franchisees – that could be you! This approach allows businesses (like Tubz Vending Franchise and many others, including international names like McDonalds) to grow an ever-bigger brand and expand across counties, countries and even continents with less risk and expense. The system offers benefits to the franchisee too. The individuals who buy into the franchise can walk into a ready made brand and business, taking advantage of its established reputation and materials, from marketing resources to supply chains. Franchisees typically pay a one-off buy-in fee to franchisors, then a range of payment systems can be applied. In some cases, franchisors will take a percentage of annual profits, in others a flat monthly fee is required. How this works will vary widely from franchise to franchise.

How do vending machine businesses work?

So how does this structure apply to vending machine franchises? Again, there is a lot of variation in the market, but here at Tubz Vending Franchise, we operate the following system: 1. Franchisees select the business bundle which fits their budget and availability. These bundles start at £2,499 + VAT, with sizes ranging from 10 to 100 vending towers. The time investment required starts from just two hours a week and every bundle comes with all of the equipment and resources you need to get up and running. 2. You install your towers at local sites in post codes agreed between you and Tubz Brands. We have a comprehensive database of potential profitable locations and arrange commission either directly with the premises owner or via our corporate Charity partner the ‘Starlight Children’s Foundation’ – and we have already raised £270,000.00 for them. 3. You start operating your franchise and selling treats! From restocking machines and monitoring profitability, to ensuring presentation is good and arranging maintenance, running a vending franchise is pretty straightforward. Should you have any issues, the Tubz team will be on hand to help, whether you need to buy more stock, or are concerned that a location isn’t performing profitably, or you want to expand! 4. Make sure you keep your towers topped up, rather than waiting until they are empty. This will prevent you from losing sales and ensure your machines look as enticing as possible to customers. So make sure you visit regularly and keep on top of your vending round. You’ll need to buy a new batch of stock at our low rates, exclusive to franchisees. If you’re selling well, you may even decide to add more machines to your enterprise at this point to boost profits even further. 5. You make money. Now that your vending machine franchise is up and running, it’s time to keep track of your sales. With our smallest 10 tower bundle, just 10 weekly sales will generate £5,200 in turnover annually, leaving franchisees with a very respectable gross annual profit of £2,340 (Profit is the amount of “take home” money you’ll be left with after commission and stock costs are deducted from your turnover). Our larger bundles provide the opportunity for much more substantial profits up to £72,200. 6. Did you know that more than 90% of new business startups fail in the first year of trading, with vending bucking that trend. This is because there are no bad debts and you don’t have to wait months to build up a client bank to call upon – you earn cash from day one!

Vending business variations

Untitled As we mentioned previously, not all vending machine businesses work the same. Some may charge a monthly, quarterly or annual fee. Others may take a more substantial overall commission on profits. To find out more about how each vending machine business works, make sure you research fees closely and talk directly to a potential franchisor before going ahead. Tubz Brands don’t charge a penny more after the initial purchase of your business bundle. Would you like learn more about how our franchise works? The Tubz Vending team works right across the UK and we’re always looking for new franchisees to help us grow even further. To find out more about our system, rates and bundles, explore our website or get in touch today via or directly on 0845 601 900.

Do vending machines make money?

Do vending machines make money?

If you’re looking for a new source of income, you may have considered the idea of buying a vending machine franchise.

On the surface of it, this type of money spinner looks pretty solid as a fresh direction to branch out in.

It’s a flexible way to work, you can keep the enterprise small or grow an empire, you’re your own boss, the initial investment is modest and your success will depend on commitment and drive rather than experience. And the system also allows you to develop business experience in spades.

So far so good. But what about that all important question? Do vending machines make money?

Can you make money with vending machines?

The short answer here is: “Yes”.

Many new franchisees make a profit from vending machines. The longer answer is: “Yes, but…”.

That’s because, although vending machine profits are typically dependable, the success of an enterprise like this will vary according to the commitment of the franchisee.

Although vending machine franchises are some of the most low maintenance out there, machines can’t simply be left to do their job indefinitely. Ensuring each machine you operate is generating its maximum possible profits means:

– Monitoring the performance of each machine in each location

– Checking in to ensure the cleanliness and operation of each machine

– Ensuring each machine is fully stocked to make sure they look enticing

– Noting which products sell best at which locations and adjusting quantities accordingly 

– Raising red flags with your franchisor if sales are lower than expected in specific locations

– Being proactive in your approach

Ticking all of these boxes will help ensure that your vending franchise makes money and that you see a return from your investment.

Many vending machines will generate a passive income with less input, but the most successful machines will be operated by engaged, organised and proactive franchisees who really stay on top of their small business.

How can you find the best sites?

Finding their desitination on a map.

At Tubz we have a dedicated site finding department with over 12 full time, qualified staff who call upon their vast experience in finding suitable sites from our huge database and list of professional contacts.

These are all handpicked for that particular new franchisee. This gets your new business off to a flying start and ensures you start earning cash from day one.

How much money can vending machine franchises make?

Business success concept – website banner idea of golden money coins

Now we’ve established that vending machines do indeed make money, it’s time to discuss how much money franchises like this can make.

To do so, we’ve turned to our business bundle page to help us demonstrate the potential returns of a vending franchise. Please note that these profits are specific to Tubz Vending towers.

Here are our projected annual turnovers and gross profits based on 10-100 machines selling 10-30 Tubz per week. Even with just 10 weekly sales (just over 1 sale per day) from 10 machines, annual profit can be an impressive £2,340. At the other end of the spectrum, extremely active franchisees with 100 machines selling 30 Tubz per week could see profits of £72,200 per annum.

Towers 10 Sales Per Tower Per Week 20 Sales Per Tower Per Week 30 Sales Per Tower Per Week
10 £5,200 £10,400 £15,600
25 £13,000 £26,000 £39,000
50 £26,000 £52,000 £78,000
100 £52,000 £104,000 £156,000

Are vending machines a profitable option for you? Would you like to find out more about how our franchise works? We’re here to help. Get in touch today via or call us directly on 0845 601 900.