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What Home Based Franchise Could I Run?

What Home Based Franchise Could I Run?

Who wouldn’t want to work from home? No painful daily commute, no infuriating desk mates, no distracting chit chat or other people’s awful music choices, the exact kind of biscuits you like and no need to dress “smart casual”. If this sounds like paradise to you, it may be time to start exploring home based franchise opportunities.

Of course, working from home isn’t all a dream come true. You’ll need to motivate yourself every single day and fight to avoid the urge to procrastinate. You’ll also need to be your own boss, ensuring you hit your targets and get the legwork done. But for motivated individuals ready to work for themselves in the comfort of their own home, home franchises can be a fantastic fit and boost your quality of life.

Whether you’re a mother looking for low cost home based franchise opportunities you can run flexibly during the hours your youngsters are at school, or a professional who’s simply tired of the rat race, we’ve compiled some helpful information on work from home franchises to help you explore your options.

Your home as HQ

Beauty, food, marketing, fitness, accountancy – the array of sectors you can go into as a franchisee is virtually endless. However, for those interested in working from home, the options are slightly narrower. While it’s always possible to take work home from “the office”, many franchises require sales premises and involve managing an on site team (restaurants, nail bars, you name it).

The best types of franchise for an individual keen to work from home include:

– Service driven franchises (digital marketing, tax accountancy etc.) which do not require in person meetings and can be operated online. Although running meetings from home is possible, it does not always translate as professional. Look for a home based franchise which allows you to Skype and call from home to do business.

– Part time franchises are often more suitable for home workers. That’s because they frequently (though not always) call for a lower level of commitment and can be squeezed into your existing schedule. You’ll need to choose your part time franchise carefully however, businesses like a food van will certainly take you outside the comfort of your own home, but things like paperwork, promotions etc could realistically be completed at your own property.

– Low cost franchises are comparatively easy to get off the ground and frequently involve far fewer burdens in terms of premises, equipment, storage space and contact with clients. At Tubz, our affordable rates, plus tried and tested formula set franchisees up with flexible businesses they can run from home, on a basis which fits around their lifestyle, whether they’re ready to build an empire or simply want to increase their overall earnings.

Smart searching

Once you’ve decided on the type of franchise you’d like to run from home, it’s time to begin your hunt for appropriate options for you. Make sure you go into this process with your budget firmly in mind to ensure you invest in an opportunity you can afford.

There are plenty of places to search for a home based franchise. From specialist publications like Franchise World and The Franchise Magazine to, you guessed it, the internet. The web is the best place to find your ideal home-working franchise, but exercise caution, not everything online is all it appears to be…

Make sure you have an opportunity to talk to current franchisees and find out what other franchisees have to say about their experiences. At Tubz we publish our testimonials online so you can get a feel for how our franchisees operate and what they think about their vending franchise.

Would-be franchisees should also perform thorough due diligence (you can search for potential problems and suspicious dealings by checking with Companies House). This is a great way to find out a lot about a company, from how financially stable it is to how long it has been operating.

Have you decided that franchise work from home could be a great next step for you? We’d love to tell you more about our flexible vending franchise. For more information and a no obligation chat, please contact us via: or on: 01795 414 480.

What UK Franchise Should I Choose?

What UK Franchise Should I Choose?

Once you have decided that investing in a franchise is the next professional step for you, one of the most important questions to answer is: “What franchise should I open?”. Deciding what franchise to buy is a huge decision which will be based on a number of factors including:

– Your experience and background

– Your lifestyle and goals

– Your resources

– Your location

Your experience and background

One of the beauties of investing in a franchise is that it allows you to join industries and sectors which you may have little previous experience of. If you’ve always dreamed of working with food, a franchise model will allow you to draw on the existing resources and expertise available to run a successful business in the sector.

While experience in your chosen franchise niche may be helpful – and in some instances may be required by your franchisor – it is often not essential. This opens the door to a huge array of possibilities, allowing people to pursue directions at any stage in life, from operating restaurants, to furthering a beauty brand.

Of course, in many areas franchisors will want to work with franchisees who understand their niche to ensure the success of their new franchise and the preservation of their reputation. However, many franchises can be operated by franchisees with no direct industry experience, presuming they have the skills and drive to make it a success.

If you’re totally new to both business and your sector of choice, you may find it difficult to get approval from some franchisors. In these instances, you may want to develop your experiences by starting with a smaller enterprise.

vending machine products

At Tubz our franchise is operated by hundreds of fantastic individuals and for some it’s their first step into the franchising world. This is an instance where previous experience is not essential. Take a look at some testimonials to learn more about our operators’ experiences and what franchises UK franchisees choose.

Ultimately, if you have proven business experience, you will likely have your pick of franchises. If you have experience in a particular sector, again, you will likely find great opportunities awaiting you. If you are new to business and your chosen sector, it may be wise to start small to build your experience before progressing to more substantial enterprises.

Your lifestyle and ambitions

For some franchisees, franchising is about ploughing all resources into a successful full time business. For others, it’s about working flexibly and making additional income on a part-time basis.

The type of UK franchise you choose will depend on the lifestyle you lead and your overall goals. If you’re ambitious, ready to throw yourself into your new franchise and keen to continue expanding, look for opportunities with plenty of room for growth, where new locations are likely to become available.

Your resources

How much money do you have to invest in a franchise? This is an important follow up query to the question of what franchise you should choose.

There is substantial variation when it comes to up front franchise costs (and that’s before you factor in ongoing service costs and percentage cuts of profits in some cases). From affordable franchise opportunities like ours, to more substantial investments which will usually require a bank loan to fund, make sure you decide what franchise to buy based on the funds you have and an accurate grasp of the returns you expect to see.

Of course, while franchise failure rates are low, not every franchise is a success story, but a realistic and responsible approach to your finances will be crucial to a good outcome.

You can find out all about our typical costs and profits on our business bundles page.

Your area

Scenic view of Edinburgh skyline with the castle in background, Scotland, United Kingdom

The location in which you intend to operate your franchise will also affect the answer to the question: “What franchise should I invest in?”.

In some cases, other existing franchisees may have exclusive rights to operation in your area of choice. In other instances, demand in your location may be too low for a franchisor to want to conduct new business there. Some franchises will have pre-existing locations already, ready for you to start a business – but this may not be in your region of choice.

Make sure you select a UK franchise which you can operate where you want to work, with room for further expansion locally, if this is one of your goals.

Popular franchise options in the UK include…

– Food service franchises (including fast food chains, restaurants)

– Retail franchises (stores and businesses selling products via a recognised brand)

– Service franchises (from beauty treatments and plumbing, to care homes and cleaning)

– B2B franchises (including IT consulting and commercial cleaning)

– Vending franchises (such as the vending machine opportunities at Tubz which start below £3,000.)

Do you think vending machine franchising may be the right option for you? Please contact our team today for more information via: or 01795 414 480.

Franchise advantages and disadvantages

Franchise advantages and disadvantages

Are you thinking about getting on board with a vending franchise? 

Advantages and disadvantages are essential considerations for every would-be franchisee, whether you’re considering operating a vending machine franchise like those offered at Tubz, or a service-oriented franchise from a regional group.

Whether you’re looking into a nail art franchise, a foodie business opportunity or anything in between, we’ve distilled the key franchise pros and cons to help you make your big decision.

Franchise benefits

Pros contra cons concept. Empty list on blackboard background, for decision making at business, school. Comparison between negative positive, advantage against disadvantage.

From the chance to be your own boss and set your own schedule, to the ability to hit the ground running with a proven business model, when considering franchise pros and cons, the positives loom large…

Be your own boss – For many individuals, being your own boss is the dream. Although you are answerable to your franchisor, franchisees are, in effect, their own bosses. This means they can run their franchise their way, setting their own hours, deciding on next steps and enjoying the freedom of working for themselves.

Flexibility & quality of life  The chance to be your own boss as a franchisee also allows many people greater freedom and flexibility in life. From single mums who juggle childcare and work, to retired individuals looks for a “side earner”, choosing the right kind of franchise opportunity can allow you more freedom and the flexibility to work in a way that suits your schedule.

Existing resources – We’ve all heard the terrifying statistics about startup failure. A huge proportion of new businesses in the UK will fail in the first three years, which brings us on to another huge franchise advantage: a greater chance of success. 

With a proven business model and a wealth of resources already available, it’s much easier to succeed in franchising than it is to succeed going solo from scratch. From existing marketing materials, to tried and tested processes and existing supply chains, the risk of going into franchising is significantly lower than the risk of starting your own business.

Drawing on experience  Alongside marketing materials, supply chains and proven processes, a key franchise benefit is that you won’t be “going it alone”. Instead you’ll be part of a network of people with substantial experience in business – and your new business in particular. 

From your franchisor who may offer training but will also provide ongoing support and expertise, to your co-franchisees who may also be able to offer advice and guidance, there is a wealth of experience available for new franchisees to draw on.

Predictable costs  Startups are expensive. Even with the most watertight budget in the world, unexpected expenses and costs will crop up, which make success incredibly tough. Franchising typically involves predictable costs which you will know about and can plan for up front, this allows you to budget effectively and manage money without unexpected costs.

Franchise disadvantages

But we’re not just exploring franchise benefits here. We’re talking about franchise pros and cons.

As with any business model, franchising isn’t perfect and won’t be the right fit for everyone. Here are the franchise disadvantages you should be aware of:

No complete independence  For many individuals, the business dream is to build a company of your own from the ground up. Although the majority of UK startups fail, this dream is enduringly popular. If it’s your dream too, franchising may not be the best path.

That’s because no franchisee has total autonomy; instead they must abide by their franchise agreement, laid out by their franchisor. This can dictate everything from where they operate to who they sell their franchise to in the future. However, different franchises have different rules, and if you want an opportunity with flexibility so you can run it your own way, you won’t have trouble finding one.

Investment risks  Like any business opportunity, franchising is an investment. That means it does carry some risk. Franchises may be substantially less likely to fail than independent startups, but it is still a possibility worth being aware of.

Franchising costs – While the predictability of business costs is a franchise benefit, there are many costs which franchisees must pay which startup founders will not need to cover. These can include costs like:

– The upfront cost of buying a franchise

– Management service fees

– A percentage of your profits

Weighing the pros and cons

So is franchising the right option for you? Which fork in the road will you take?

Once you’ve considered the advantages and disadvantages and reached your own conclusions, it’s time to take a closer look at the particular type of franchise you’re interested in operating, as franchise type can make a big difference to their suitability for you.

Our testimonials will give you some insight into what makes vending machine franchises a good fit for many individuals, while our business bundles page will give you a clearer picture of the costs and potential profits of franchises of this scale and type.

For more specific information on the pros and cons of vending machine franchising, please contact our team today via: or 01795 414 480.

How to find a franchise under £10K

How to find a franchise under £10K

Are you looking for a cheap franchise business you can invest in for under £10K?

One of the fantastic things about franchising is that there is so much variation within the industry. While some opportunities call for a substantial investment and often a bank loan, there are also plenty of low cost franchise opportunities you can get on board with.

If you’re searching for your ideal franchise under £10K, we’ve put together a few pointers to help you identify an inexpensive opportunity that will suit your budget and goals.

Where to start

Before you begin your search it’s a good idea to have a firm budget in mind.

Whether you’re searching for cheap franchises under £5,000 or something closer to the £10,000 mark, there are a number of expenses you’ll need to factor into your equation, including:

– Up front investment

– Service maintenance costs

– The percentage of your profits owed to your franchisor (not required at Tubz)

– Restocking costs

Not all franchises will demand all of these costs, but it’s important to be aware of them before you start your search. This will ensure you don’t get hooked by an opportunity that seems affordable but quickly adds up to break your budget.

Beginning the search 

There are lots of places to search for cheap franchises throughout the UK – and worldwide. As you might expect, the internet is a very good place to begin your search – but a word of warning – not every cheap franchising opportunity you’ll uncover online is what it seems.

As with every industry, there are some sharks out there, so exercise caution during your franchise hunt. Reading testimonials and case studies from and about current franchisees will help you to distinguish a great opportunity from a con, as will speaking in depth with the franchisor and visiting their premises.

At Tubz Vending, we share insights from our franchisees on our testimonials page to help prospective partners get a feel for our business. We also invite potential franchisees to visit us, meet the team and take a tour around our operation.

Typical low cost franchise businesses

There are plenty of inexpensive franchises to be found for entrepreneurial individuals looking either for a side earner or an affordable business they can gradually grow and expand, across a range of sectors.

Here are a few common cheap franchise businesses you may want to explore:

Vending machines
Call us self-centred, but we thought we’d kick this list off with the type of business we operate here at Tubz. We offer franchises under £5,000, with opportunities starting at £2,499 + VAT.

Check out our business bundles to learn more about our costs and potential profits. Don’t forget to explore the rest of the Tubz website for tonnes of information about buying a vending franchise.

Fitness franchises
From “Jazzercise” and personal training, to football leagues, fitness is big business and there are plenty of low cost franchising opportunities to get involved with in this sector. It’s important to consider the set up costs, equipment and premises required to get started.

Cleaning franchises
This service oriented sector is often an affordable area for those keen to buy into a franchise and run their own business under a recognisable name with plenty of support and resources already to hand.

Other low cost franchises
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Alternative cheap franchise businesses can include: mobile coffee stands, pet food home delivery, beauty, B2B marketing, language teaching, web design, mechanic services – the list is long. Take some time to explore it thoroughly before hitting on the perfect, flexible, low cost option for you.

Have you decided that a vending franchise could be your ideal franchise under £5K? We’d love to talk to you about joining the Tubz family of franchisees across the UK. For more information, please contact us via: or on: 01795 414 480.

Which vending machine is most profitable?

Which vending machine is most profitable?

If you’ve been exploring vending machine franchise opportunities, you probably have a list of questions the length of your arm.

From how much it will cost to restock machines, to how much time you’ll need to invest in refilling and maintaining your machines, there are lots of important questions to ask your potential franchisor and to work out for yourself.

One question we often hear from would-be franchisees is:

Which vending machine is the most profitable”

If you’re researching vending machines it’s important to underline that there are a number of factors which influence profitability, from products, to location.

This means that no two machines are alike in terms of profitability. It is possible, however, to highlight some particular trends which offer clues about what vending machines profit the most.

These are the trends we’ll be exploring in this article.

The Variables

Before we try to answer what vending machines profit the most, let’s consider the variables that affect their profitability before exploring them in more detail:


The products a vending machine sells will influence its profitability. For example, a machine stocked with sweet snacks and treats may not do well at a health centre, while healthy snacks may not go down as well at a play centre or pub.

Of course, this is a huge simplification, research into local demographics are key to understanding which products will be most successful in which locations.

Machine type

UntitledFrom hot drinks machines, to change machines, tower style vending machines to more conventional snack options, there are lots of different types of machine you may choose to operate.

The profitability of each depends, again, on matching your selection to the demographics in your location. Machine type can also affect franchise costs; namely the resources you’ll need to invest in maintenance and restocking.


This really is an important variable which affects which vending machine is most profitable.

Machines in high footfall areas will always perform better and, if you can match your machine type and your products to your location, you can enjoy even better performance.

Profitability: Putting it all together

When considering what vending machine profits the most, assessing each of the above factors in conjunction with one another is essential.

The three are closely interrelated and, when combined, they will help potential vendors establish the most profitable possible machines.


vending machine products

Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast figures which clearly indicate exactly which products are purchased most frequently from UK vending machines.

However, snack machines come out on top time after time according to industry experts. In the US, however, Automatic Merchandiser recently released this list of its top selling snacks in dollar sales:

1) Snickers

2) Doritos Big Grab

3) Peanut M&Ms

4) Cheetos Crunchy

5) Cheez-It Original

6) Twix Bar

7) Strawberry Frosted Pop-Tarts

8) Rice Krispies Treats

9) Lay’s Chips (Walkers crisps)

10) Mrs. Freshley’s Jumbo Honey Bun

As you can see, a range of chocolate bars, crisps and bite-sized snacks tops the list in the US, with plenty of variation in the top 10 regarding product type.

Clearly offering a range of products, designed to tempt all tastes, is an important part of operating a profitable machine.

The profitability of offering healthy alternatives, or wholly healthy machines will depend largely on the location of the machine.

Machine types

When it comes to the type of machine used, again, there are few representative figures available for the UK snack industry. Like product type, however, location is fundamental to the type of machine you choose.

At Tubz Brands we use vending towers, which have several benefits over other machine types:

– They are light and easy to transport compared to other vending machines.

– They are non-electrical so easy to maintain and repair.

– And they are not obtrusive so easy to find sites for.

These factors mean greater flexibility and lower franchise costs than with bigger, electronic machines.


vending machine location

To assure profitability, potential vendors may consider conducting research at possible locations, using questionnaires to find out about the habits and preferences of the area’s demographics.

Assessing which shops are in the local area may also help you plug a gap in the market.

Learning more about the different activities conducted nearby will also help you choose a machine type (and product type) that brings in the greatest possible profit.


If you want to know more about the vending machines available at Tubz Brands just contact the team today at: or 01795 414 480.

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Are franchises worth it?

Are franchises worth it?

If you’re thinking about investing in a franchise, there are a number of factors which may have enticed you to reach this point:

– The freedom of being your own boss without the stress and uncertainty of launching your own start up.

– The ability to “hit the ground running” with an existing brand and build success quickly.

– The comparatively low cost of getting started compared to starting a business.

– The flexibility of working for yourself…

No matter what has drawn you to want to learn more about franchising, however, there is one question which every prospective franchisee wants an answer to:

Are franchises worth it?”

Do franchise owners make good money?

Are franchises profitable?

These are the most fundamental questions all aspiring franchisees mull over and seek answers to. The problem is: it’s not that simple…

From business models, to franchise locations and franchisee experience, a huge number of considerations will affect the profitability and “worth it”-ness of a franchise.

What constitutes “worth it” is also a grey area: Is the ability to earn a living as your own boss “worth it”? Or do you require a certain take home slice financially to consider franchising a viable professional next step?

In this article we’ll delve into a few of these issues to help you weigh up the pros and cons and gain a few insights.

How much can I make?

Safe with money

First things first, let’s talk cold, hard cash.

Before we consider how much franchisees can stand to make in numerical terms, it’s important to underscore that business profits are not the same as personal income. Before you can pay yourself, you may need to cover costs like:

– Franchise fees

– Employee wages

– Loan payments

– Business reinvestment

– Tax

So, are franchises profitable?

The short answer here is yes.

If you’ve been careful with your franchise selection, trust your franchisor, have seen the model prove successful in practice for other franchisees and have the experience to operate the business well, you can make money. 

The good news is that, in the UK, franchise profitability is on the rise. According to the bfa’s (British Franchise Association) latest franchising survey in conjunction with NatWest, 97% of franchising units reported profitability in 2015, with the franchising industry as a whole now contributing £15.1bn to the UK economy (up 46% since 2005).

Other factors you should consider to maximise your profits include the following:

  • Location

    Every location is different, with different levels of foot traffic, visibility and suitability for an area’s demographic. Your location can have an impact on your success, particularly how quickly you can build custom in a new area, which will affect profits.

  • Business models

    The way the franchise you invest in is run will also impact your profitability. Different franchising models exist which can affect how much franchisees pay and/or are able to learn. Some will take a flat fee, others a percentage cut, some like Tubz Brands just a one off payment.

  • Business type

    From Zeitgeist-capturing “trendy” franchises which fall out of fashion in a couple of years, to steady businesses which see a steady stream of custom over the longer term, the type of franchise you choose to invest in will affect its profitability.

  • Your experience

    Do you know how to manage money? What about managing people? And managing marketing? Many franchisees go on a steep learning curve when they embark on their franchising journey, but the more you know, the faster you can start making your new business as profitable as possible.

How much do franchises make?

Large Pile of Cash Money From Creative Bug Perspective. Euro Banknotes.

The answer to this question again depends on the type of franchise you’re talking about. In very broad, general terms, 2015 saw average franchise turnover rise. Half of all UK franchisee-owned businesses claimed to make over £250,000 in the same year.

Of the 97% of franchisee-owned businesses in profit, 56% claimed to be either “quite” or “very” profitable.

Equally revealing is the fact that ownership change in franchise-owned businesses is incredibly low, far below the number of startup failures.

Just 4.6% of franchisees left their position in 2015, indicating that profitability is very possible and is, most likely, “worth it” for the majority of individuals who go into franchising.

Although it’s hard to give an exact answer to the question of how much you stand to personally make (based on the broad range of business types in the franchising industry), it’s clear that the majority of those who take on a franchise do profit and consider their professional move to be worth it.

Tubz Brands have laid out some information on how much you could earn based on their different business bundles on this page. Of course this is an estimate but based on real data and the experience of many successful operatives.

If you want to find out more about the stories of current Tubz franchisees, take a look at some testimonials or case studies and success stories.

And if you want to find out about whether franchising could be worth it for you, contact our team today via: or 01795 414 480.

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