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Franchise Focus – April: Franchise Trends & Franchise Foundations

Franchise Focus – April: Franchise Trends & Franchise Foundations

Hello entrepreneurs! A warm welcome back to this Springtime edition of Franchise Focus, fresh from the Tubz Vending team’s bookmarks bar. Every month we keep tabs on what’s hot in franchising, collecting the most interesting and helpful news, views, ideas and resources to keep you in the franchising loop.

This month, find out more about the latest trends in franchising, from a fresh focus on women in the niche, to a rise in community involvement amongst franchises, discover what it takes to build a franchise with strong foundations, plus get a lesson in SMS marketing.

Franchising Trends in 2016

Want to find out what the buzz is all about in franchising right now? The Brand Mark Franchising blog is bursting with the latest big ideas and trends in the industry, from the ever-growing involvement of women in the franchising community, to the rise of franchises taking their brand overseas, there’s a lot going on right now and a lot to keep up with. Brand Mark Franchising‘s blog will give you a helpful roundup in a nutshell of everything which you should be keeping an eye on and getting involved in.

How to Build a Franchise with Strong Foundations

Workers on construction site

Not every individual involved in franchising is a franchisee, many in the sector are franchisers, or entrepreneurs working to build their business into a local, national or even international name. So how can these aspiring franchisers grow a franchise which has the strong foundations required to give their enterprise longevity and security?

This is the question which this insightful blog from Franchize Consultants sets outs to answer. From developing a great franchise structure, to keeping the philosophy of designing a “win-win” system in mind, this post is an interesting read.

Should You Market via Text?

Female Hands Texting Phone Concept

Marketing texts can feel invasive, but from the right kind of business they can be useful, giving you access to exclusive deals that you’ll genuinely want to take advantage of. So how can a business guage whether or not marketing via text will work for them? How can they pitch their marketing messages correctly? And how can they build campaigns which generate return on investment?

If your franchise is looking for fresh ways to reach new and old customers, SMS marketing is an option you might want to look into – but it isn’t for everyone. In this expert blog, published on Franchise Gator, SMS marketing specialist Paul Crane dishes the dirt and explains precisely what it takes to make it work. Interesting stuff.

Would you consider using SMS to market your franchise? Which franchising trends are you most interested in in 2016? Have your say and find out more about our franchising opportunities by dropping the Tubz Vending team an email at:

Franchise Focus – March: International Retail Franchising Summit Update

Franchise Focus – March: International Retail Franchising Summit Update

Hello readers, welcome to Springtime here at Franchise Focus, Tubz Vending’s monthly round up of the best blogs of the month all about franchising.

With seasonal change in the air, it’s a great time to start thinking about trying something new. If a professional change is on your horizon, our regular round up will give you tonnes of great inspiration and insight into the world of franchises, franchisers and franchisees! Every month, we scour the web for the best blogs from our favourite sources and share them with you right here. (more…)

Are Vending Machines Profitable?

Are Vending Machines Profitable?


Well, that’s the short answer anyway. There are millions of vending machines being operated throughout the world, and that’s because profits are being made.

We operate over 2,000 units and a further 30,000 via our licensed operators and these numbers are constantly growing.

But it’s not fool proof

A vending franchise is a solid base you can build your own business from, with the help of a proven business model and help and advice from your franchisor. But that doesn’t mean profits are guaranteed.

While vending machine businesses are profitable, they have to be managed properly. Success in vending requires the same virtues as in any enterprise: an understanding of the industry, commitment, patience, enthusiasm and determination.  To find out how Tubz can support you in your in a franchise venture, read our ‘Why Choose Tubz‘ page.

What are the costs involved?

Your start up franchise investment

Franchise costs vary significantly but range from around £3000, right up to the tens of thousands.

The machines

Thankfully vending machines are one of the cheapest ways to invest in a start up business. However, you need to find out whether they are included in your investment, and if so, how many? You can find this out easily by speaking with the franchisor.

Tubz Vending Franchise offer 10 machines with their basic business bundle, which costs £3995 + VAT, with no ongoing costs.

Restocking your machines

Restocking your machines is another cost to consider. This of course depends on how many machines you have.

It’s essential to leave adequate funds for restocking when you first decide how many machines you can afford to invest in.

But With Tubz Brands business bundles, stock is included so you are off to a flying start.

Repairing your machines

The cost of repairs will depend on the kind of machines you have. Large electrical devices such as can vending machines could incur substantial costs if something breaks, cutting into your profits. Simpler, mechanical devices are usually cheap and relatively easy to repair, meaning they can be back in location and making money again.

Tubz machines are simple, non-electrical mechanical devices and have interchangeable parts which cost from 60p up to £25. However you won’t have to worry for the first 2 years because Tubz Brands new vending towers all come with a 2 year guarantee.

Storing your machines

Do you have to store your machines before placing them? Do you have space to do this or will this incur storage costs?

– How long until you will see the money coming in?

When considering a vending franchise you must find out how long you should expect to wait before you see any return on your investment. If it could be weeks or months before you see any significant income you will have to plan for the period before the cash starts to arrive.

With a Tubz Vending Franchise operators see money coming in from day one and on average a full return on investment within 6 months.

What locations offer the most profit

Considering where to put vending machines is very important to make the most profit possible. A generic, popular product will allow you a wider range of suitable locations and a greater potential customer base.

Research which vending products are the most popular and offer them in the busiest locations you are able to. Most franchisors will be able to give you lots of information and advice on finding the best, most profitable sites. With Tubz Brands business bundles, sites are included in the initial price so there is no selling involved.

How many machines do you need to make a healthy profit?

It’s fairly obvious but the more machines you have, the more money you will make – as long as you sell popular products in a relatively busy location. Different products may be more popular in different locations, so you might need to tweak the quantities of the different products you offer.

So how much do vending machines make?  Based on average figures in 2016 10 Tubz vending towers making 10 sales a week would bring an annual turnover of £5,200. 20 sales a week would mean a turnover of £10,400 and 30 sales a week would mean a turnover of £15,600. And of course these figures increase substantially if you have more units, though sales can’t be guaranteed because a successful operation does depend on many factors.

Towers 10 Sales Per Tower Per Week 20 Sales Per Tower Per Week 30 Sales Per Tower Per Week
10 £5,200 £10,400 £15,600
25 £13,000 £26,000 £39,000
50 £26,000 £52,000 £78,000
100 £52,000 £104,000 £156,000

You can see more predicted average turnovers based on unit numbers on the business bundles page.

It may seem like there is a huge amount of things to consider regarding vending franchises, but remember that this business model is already successful and profitable, with a proven track record.

If you want to know more simply contact the franchisor and they will be happy to provide you with information, advice and data, so that you can get a clearer picture of how much profit you could make, and the best ways to make that happen.

And if you want more evidence of successful Tubz Brands operations, take a look at our many testimonials.

Further reading:

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– Franchise Direct wrote this useful piece on Vending Machine Franchise Tips and Benefits

– Find out a bit more about Tubz Brands; what we do, how we support our franchisees, and how we can support you in building a successful business!

Franchise Focus – January: Business Cards & All Time Highs

Franchise Focus – January: Business Cards & All Time Highs

Happy New Year, readers! Welcome to a fresh new year of Franchise Focus from Tubz Vending. We love seeing our franchise model work for so many self-employed individuals, which is why we hope to share a little taste of franchising life with our monthly roundups.

Every month we keep track of the best online franchising resources, collecting all the very best bits to share with you in our end of month round up. From how to, to the latest news, you’ll find everything you need to stay abreast of franchising here. (more…)